I’m Baaack!

Hey Ladies!

I just returned from our first annual “Wild Women’s Adventure” in Ecuador. Four of us girls spent a few weeks in the Galapagos, Andes and Amazon… Really one of the best trips of my life. Due, I think, to the company more so than any environment. Between the 4 of us we have 112 years, 1 baby, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 husband, 1 engagement, 2 masters degrees, 4 very different histories and a lot of giggles. I found these women to be such a great source of inspiration and insight. We each have such very different lives but such similar values.

Highlights…in no particular order:

1) Blue footed boobies!!

2) Iguana fights.

3) New Year’s 12-grape ceremony (each grape represents one thing we want to bring into our 2009), Bangra dancing and effigy burning (the effigies represent those things we want to eliminate from the previous year) in the streets of Quito.

4) Horseback riding at the Cotopaxi volcano. so. fricking. amazing.

5) Random town rodeo in the Andes!! Lots of sugar cane liquor drunk people, injured horse fixing by said drunk people… but with such beautiful care and community, back empanadas with the locals, dancing with said drunk people to “Carraway, carraway”, and struggling to breath due to the altitude.

6) The sunset at Otovalo.

7) The markets, people, shopping, and general loveliness of a great and massive open-air market.

8) The weird Shaman in the Andes. More precisely, the hysterical and inappropriate laughter while he was spitting %90 alcohol and geranium down our friend’s shirt.

9) The drive over the Andes and down into the jungle.

10) The canoe, and subsequent hike into the jungle.

11) The community we saw in the jungle.

12) The really beautiful Shamanic ceremony we had. One of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.

13) The knowledge I gained about the politics of Ecuador, and especially politics of the jungle.

Happy 2009!



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39 Responses to “I’m Baaack!”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    all i want to do is travel.. but as of now im confined to LA

    i have this crazy (optimistic or not) vision of me backpacking through basically everywhere

    happy 2009 to ya too

  2. G Says:

    Niiiice. Sounds like that was a blast! Now before I jump to any conclusions, what the heck is a blue footed boobie? Hahaha.

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    I was waiting for it

  4. G Says:

    Ask and you shall receive ๐Ÿ˜› Errr…wait and it shall happen…

  5. taylor nikole Says:

    i meant to see who would ask first ๐Ÿ˜€
    it was between you and binks muahah

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    or possibly kathy :-p

  7. G Says:

    Either way, it happened ๐Ÿ˜› You had an opportunity to ask and totally didn’t. Tsk, tsk.

  8. Chris Says:

    haha I second Gs question

    It’s really kewl that you got to experience all of that. I think everyone should have a chance to experience different cultures for themselves….but alas it just can’t be.

  9. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah i didn’t wanna ask… i was seeing how long it took for someone to
    kinda like my own little experiment

    i used a little backspace on my first reply LOL

  10. Auntie Kailin Says:

    What a great experience! I’m so curious about the Shamanic ceremony. What happened?

  11. G Says:

    Mmhmm, and how long did it take?

  12. Chris Says:

    are we just your own personal pet experiments TK? hmmm? ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Binks Says:

    Awesomeness ๐Ÿ˜Ž Seems like an incredible opportunity and an amazing experience.

    haha Tako why would I ask about a blue toed boob?…when there is google! *clicks search*

    *gets porn pics* Damn….no wonder Kendra was scarred O_O *shudders*

  14. taylor nikole Says:

    google… the ultimate source of awesomeness
    unless you count out wiki and uncyclopedia for giggles ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Binks Says:

    WIKI IS MY HERO!! haha I swear it is. If it’s not on wiki it is not cool. *nods*

  16. G Says:

    Google Lego, you’ll have fun with what you get ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hmmm, that number 8 sounds pretty interesting, too hahaha.

  17. taylor nikole Says:

    its… uh bird….
    kk got us a little too curious

    my face 0.o

    haha curiosity gets the best of me

  18. jessica f Says:

    wow! that must’ve been a wonderful trip! I can only imagine how beautiful it is over there. We missed ya here lots over here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. MarilyneL Says:

    There you were! haha!
    I want some details!, ok, A LOT OF DETAILS! ๐Ÿ˜›
    The Shaman part makes me think of my trip to Haiti and the Vodoo priest hehe

    It seems like everyone is travelling lately, which makes me want to travel the world even more, I can’t wait for my next trip.

    I’m glad to see you had an amazing time! Happy New Year too!

  20. Ash Says:

    I love that sunset pic!.. then again… I love all sunset pics.. =P

  21. Allie Says:

    Wow! That sounds amazing! Looks like a proper adventure! Glad you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love traveling, it’s so cool to experience how other people live, how their daily lives are played out, their politics, etc, and realize how diverse and interesting our world truly is!

  22. Corrie Says:

    LOL I was a blue-footed booby for an Odyssey of the Mind (now Destination Imagination) skit wayy back in elementary school. Such a hilarious name.

  23. Allie Says:

    Hey I was in Destination Imagination in middle school! Lol, good times…

  24. Emma-Lu Says:

    Awesome Kristin! What a wonderful experience, and welcome back. Ecuador sounds breathtaking and it’s always so great to meet the local people and get a feel for how they live. What a killer sunset pic! You sound like you’ve developed an even deeper appreciation for the planet. Love that about traveling.

  25. Jennifer Says:

    Sounds like you had a really great time in Ecuador. Glad to see your back safe and sound. Thanks for sharing a few pics Kristin. โค

  26. LI Says:

    What an experience.
    If i had the money….

  27. Jennifer Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Ecuador! It really is a beautiful country with beautiful people despite all the issues that have gone on involving other countries and so-on. The landscape and the beaches are one-of-a-kind. I’ve personally never been to the Galapagos but everyone I know who has had the opportunity has glowed about it.

  28. Ash Says:

    Not to be too nosey.. but.. who has a kitty cat… and who has the master’s degrees… and uhh,, heehee who is engaged? :*) <blushes…

  29. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    welcome back kristin … nice trip, listen to the song Ecuador by Sash …
    Guess who’s back , back again , kristin’s back , back again , guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back….. Eminem- slim kristin … i mean shady ๐Ÿ˜›

  30. uehp Says:

    take care always! ^_^x

  31. Ashley Nguyen Says:

    You must of had an AMAZING trip and that’s a great sunset pic as well. I’m so happy that you’re back :DD

  32. kristina Says:

    Its about time we got a post from you lol
    Anyway, glad you enjoyed yourself.
    Haha blue footed booby
    Who picks these names? lol

  33. belรฉn villabona Says:

    Hi Kristin!!Happy New Year!!
    I am from Uruguay, which is in South America too, and i am so happy that you came to visit this side of America, and that you had like it.
    Y wish you the best for this year (sorry for my english). Welcome back!!! kisses

  34. Alejandro Says:

    GOOD! and to visit Ecuador and you think well, because when you fall in love with Colombia visit this beautiful country that undoubtedly is a beautiful corner of the world, I invite you to conoserlo do not regret it.

  35. dancer Says:

    I want to give you feedback about your website:

    (1) It is very difficult to access. I came in this site through KristinKreuk.com. In the past, when I tried to access your site directly, I couldn’t. I did not remember my password etc. and it was just a hassle to get in. You really have to make it very easy for people to access and get into your site.

    (2) The setup and the color of your website is really poor. It looks very unappealing and confusing. You should look at just how Yahoo, Google or HuffingtonPost set up their information. These sites are bright, welcoming and there is an ease to using these websites.

    (3) Lastly, your subjects matter has to be more suitable to people who are in the pre-teen stage of life. You have to talk about how the school and the social hierarchy pressure them to be like everyone else. The standard pertaining to being popular and what it means to their self respect. You lack a focus as to how you want to bring people together and you have no message or even a narrative as to how girls should debate or understand the social, cultural pressures that are so demeaning to them. More and more very young women are getting plastic surgeries to enlarge their breasts. A lot of girls are asking their parents to pay for breast enlargement as a graduaiton gift. What does this means to them in terms of their self respect and the host of medical problems that will beset them later on in life. Your site has no relevant social, cultural, emotional or intellectual issues that are facing young women.

    I hope feedback is helpful to you. I want to applaud you for what you are wanting to do. I believe it is needed for a place where young women can come together and discuss the issues that they are facing.

  36. Sarynelli Says:

    woo hoo! so glad you had an awesome trip in a latin american country. i’m in costa rica and i imagine the culture, environment, and people are somewhat similar. i went horseback riding at a volcano here too! It really is awesome.

    Thrilled to know that you’re back!

  37. Emma-Lu Says:

    @ dancer
    I have to disagree with you I’m afraid.
    I think the content of this website is close to perfect for opening the minds of teenage women and others. Encouraging young girls to tap into the inner workings of their brains. This is exactly what builds self esteem – GBD is a platform for enabling young girls to freely express themselves without fear of being judged.
    Secondly, the website is pretty user friendly – and who wants a perfect flawless website anyway – whose to say what website is better than another one? that’s a matter of taste in my opinion.
    Thirdly, the colour and set up is so awesome! It has this girly, yet classy and sophisticated feel to it.. I prefer a dark background to a white (disinfectant) one anyway – it’s easier to read and it looks more jazzy!
    anyway – thanks for giving feedback – it’s good to challenge things, and what would life be without differing opinions anyway!! later

  38. Emma-Lu Says:

    Oh no! I said ‘Anyway’ x 3 in that post.. sorry guys… a repetitive twitch overcame me.. lol

  39. AlyssaMarie Says:

    South America is a beautiful place. I hear Cosat Rica is beautiful. What did I read? 1 baby,3 dogs,1 cat , 1husband and 1 ENGAGEMENT? Is Kristin engaged?

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