2008 GBD Blog Most Bestest List

I am getting senile in my old age. I totally almost forgot to make this post.  So here it is…your fashionably late 2008 edition of The GBD Blog Most Bestest List.

Most Comments: Ummm…I cut off all my hair! by Kristin, with 243 comments

Pinkest (and Roundest):  Feed Me! by Tabby, with this thingie:


CutestMarcus! by Kristin (but with a tiny bit, almost negligible amount, of help from Kendra, because really, what’s 9 months of pregnancy?)

Happiest10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy by Brooke

Most Spammed (I say this with love.  I ate SPAM as a child.  Fond memories.):   A tie between MMM = MIA = Meh by Kathy and Movie Madness Monday:Twilight by Taylor Nikole, on the topic of Twilight, with the biggest contributions from (in no particular order) Taylor Nikole, Marianne, Chris, Binks, Ash, and Ver0nik21

Best Advice:  “Never lay your laptop down on a sink that activates via a sensor.”  from The Specs of a Bathroom by Tabby

Most Use of the S-Word without Actually Using the S-Word:  Kristin, with words like “shite” and “shizznat” (see here, here, here, and here)

Most Colorful Vocabulary:  Marianne, with words like “meh” and “guiiis”, also her usage of the squigglies (~)

Longest List of Links10 Activities to Help You Make a Change in 2009 by Kailin (aka Auntie Kailin)

Best Journey:  Tabby’s Health Journey (too many posts to list)

Best StoryThe Story of Extra Little by Kendra

Most Frequent Use of Capitalization and Punctuation in a Single PostThe Story of Extra Little by Kendra (An example: “WHAT IS THIS LITTLE PINK PEE STICK TELLING ME!!!!!!????”)

Biggest Cliffhanger (aka, Most Evil):  GBD BOD! by Kristin

Most Creative Use of a Vegetable in a ComicMovie Madness Mondays! by Tabby and Kendra, with the very strategic placement of what appears to be an onion


Most Asked Question People Are Dying to Know the Answer to:  Why is Kendra not wearing shoes?

Most Generous (Especially Considering that They Totally Didn’t Have to Contribute But Did Anyway Because They Are AWESOME Like That):  (in no particular order, and sorry but the Sexy 7 links are broken so I didn’t put them in):

Best List:  This one, obviously. Duh.

And this is from just half a year since the blog went up in June 2008.  Imagine all the fantastic awesomeness that will happen in 2009!  😀

I hope I didn’t forget anything.  If I did, please direct all criticism at me.  I can take it.  😉


8 Responses to “2008 GBD Blog Most Bestest List”

  1. jessica f Says:

    @kathy – absolutely and awesomely bad post! reminds me of those high school “best” categories. hahah I can’t believe you went through the entire 2008 of GBD posts. Your hard work on this blog really shows! 🙂 in GBD terms, “good SHITE” hahah

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    ahaha most spammed! hahahhaha

  3. marie Says:

    thanks for putting me on the sexy 7 list 🙂

  4. Ash Says:

    Hahaha niiiiice! =P

  5. MarilyneL Says:

    With the golden globes coming up, why not a GBD best of 😛 Nice!

  6. Auntie Kailin Says:

    @ Kathy – goodness sakes! You have to include JessicaF for her movie review of Becoming Jane, Sima Kumar for her awesome fashion advice in the newsletters, and of course yourself (but that would be self-glorifying and arrogant, wouldn’t it?) No, not really because you have a sense of humor that can carry it off 🙂

    Really – these lists are hard to assembled, and everyone on GBD, even the ones we haven’t yet hear from, should be congratulated for being a part of GBD’s first year. 🙂

  7. Kathy Says:

    @ Auntie Kailin – lol…Although I can be pretty heartless, those omissions were more the result of technicalities than treachery. Jessica F’s awesomeness was posted in 2009, and Sima’s awesomeness wasn’t posted on the blog. You did, however, remind me to include a couple people I forgot…the guest writers back when they did the poems. I should go fix that now. 🙂

  8. Marianne Says:

    Muahahaha, apparently I am good at spamming!

    and my way of talking is ~dazzling~ u guis!

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