Okay Okay!

Oh my god I got SOO many emails in the last few days! I thought I’d drop a quick post! Not at 208 pounds yet! :-D. But I HAVE been working on the wicked awesome new FORUM for you all and I am so so excited to share it with you! I am estimating that it’ll be about 6 more days or so before the release of the new forum and you all are gonna so so love it!

I may post more later today! Or not. You’ll never know until I do…. or … don’t. MUwAHAHA!


5 Responses to “Okay Okay!”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hey now you make me really curious^^ – I can’t wait to see it.
    Making a page/forum (I run some too) is so much work – but worth it, and I am sure, it’ll be great Tabby.
    One week – so lets start a countdown^^

  2. Ashley Nguyen Says:

    Yeees this will be worth the wait …. thanks so much!

  3. jessica f Says:

    YYAAAAY tabby!! *clap clap* Thank you for all the hard work!! 🙂 I’m excited!

  4. taylor nikole Says:

    ohh im excited!
    especially after you said it was rad!
    woot woot tabby!

  5. MarilyneL Says:

    Will it be pink? haha 😉

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