Brainercise: Eddy edition version 4.0


Hey hey hey GBD!  Eddy’s answer to the lockbox brainteaser is comment #4, and mine is comment #5.  Aaaaaaand, thanks to Eddy, here’s another one!  Complete with not one, not two, but THREE aliens!  Whoohoo!

To keep the alien theme alive, the next brainteaser will take place on another planet, namely the planet where alien-Kristin resides.  Since she just received the super secret something from alien-Kathy, she would like to write a post on GBD about how awesome this something is.  The problem is that aliens don’t use computers so Kristin starts looking for one.

On her quest, she arrives to a crossroads, one road leading to a computer and the other one leading to a banana.  By the road there are two other aliens, one of them being famous for always telling the truth and the other being infamous for always lying.  Unfortunately they look exactly the same so Kristin won’t be able to tell them apart and according to ancient alien traditions, she can only ask one question (not one each, just one). So the question is, what is the question? What should alien-Kristin ask the other aliens to find the way to the computer?

Good luck everyone!



11 Responses to “Brainercise: Eddy edition version 4.0”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    *scratches head*


  2. Kathy Says:

    Holy banana Taylor Nikole. Shouldn’t you be sleeping??

    You’re going to have to consult Eddy about being an alien. 😉

  3. taylor nikole Says:


    haha no
    mari and binks are keeping me up via skype!
    they never let me sleep -_-
    blame them!

  4. jessicaf Says:

    *scratching head along with tay
    umm..all this talk with aliens and banana roads has gotten me lost once again. :/ I will try to post a response tomorrow morning when my brain is functioning correctly and I am not exhausted. lol

  5. Jette Says:

    Can she ask and both aliens are going to answer or can she just ask one of them one question?

  6. eddy Says:

    If she wants, she can ask them both the same question or she could take one of the aside and ask “it” individually, as long as she only asks *one* question.

  7. t Says:

    wow I can’t believe we couldn’t get the lockbox one…it was so SIMPLE!

    I think I’ve done this next one before…but I don’t remember…

  8. Angelica C. Says:

    Can’t you ask the alien, “Which way would the other alien tell me to go to find the computer?”

    The one who would tell the truth is honest and says the other one would lie and tell you the other. The one telling the truth would lie about the other one being honest and give you the other way.

    Either alien, you take the opposite route of what he/she/it told you.

    Hope that didn’t ruin it for everyone, =/

  9. Kathy Says:

    lol…This one confused me a bit, but I think all you have to do is ask either one of the aliens the following question: “Which road would the OTHER alien say leads to the computer?” and then choose the road that is opposite of the response.

    For example, let’s say the left road leads to the computer. If I ask that question to the truthful alien, she will say that the lying alien will say the right road (because that alien lies), and so I do the opposite and take the left road. If I ask that question to the lying alien, she will say to take the right road also because the truthful alien would say “left” but the lying alien lies and so would say “right.” So again, I’d do the opposite and take the left road.

    I’m not sure if I made any sense just now. lol. I’m trying to get this written up quickly.

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  11. eddy Says:

    Good job! What you could also do is to ask:

    “Which way would your friend say leads to the banana?”

    They would both point towards the computer.

    I just came up with one more:

    “If your friend is a liar, please point towards the computer”

    That would also make them both point towards the computer (although it’s not really a question, but it would work because I used the universal magic word).

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