Fab Female: Rene Blas

Rene Blas (photo: J. B. Reed for The New York Times)

Sometimes being fabulous is just about picking yourself up and moving forward after life has dealt you a couple of hard knocks.  When young people do this, it’s even more fabulous.  Cue Rene Blas, a 19-year-old who, along with her family, was evicted from their apartment this past fall because her father lost his job and couldn’t keep up with the rent.  While her family went to go live in family shelters, Rene was separated from them because of her age (she was too old), and had to go live in a women’s shelter by herself.  That can’t be easy to deal with…evicted from your home, separated from your family, and forced to fend for yourself.

But instead of falling through the cracks, Rene joined a bridge program for homeless youths, determined to make a future for herself.  She got a job at Starbucks, keeps in touch with her family regularly (including calling her younger brother to wake him up for school), and plans to study nursing at Lehman College.  As if working and studying weren’t enough, she also plans to run track for Lehman.

So yay to Rene!

You can read more of Rene’s story here.


One Response to “Fab Female: Rene Blas”

  1. jessica F Says:

    that is amazing. I don’t know if would have the strength to keep going if I lost my home and my family, and was on my own. She turns around and does something for others even more less fortunate than her. YAY RENE!!

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