Movie Madness Monday: Mamma Mia!

Ok, so…based on the responses from last week’s post, it seems that y’all really like Mamma Mia!, and that is totally cool.  But just so you know, I probably won’t be inspired to review a movie unless I can poke fun at it.  So if you, like, really REALLY love Mamma Mia! and can’t stand to see other people criticize it in any way, then I think this post might make you want to throw a shoe at me.  😉
End of Warning.
First, let me say that me and musicals?  Not so much.  Never really was.  My brain hasn’t yet evolved to the degree necessary to appreciate musicals.  I can either dig the music, or understand the words, but if I try to do both on the first listen, my brain gets scrambled and I lose interest.
Also, the other thing?  People going about their day-to-day, then randomly breaking out into song and dance is kind of, um, awkward.  I mean, if I walk into a Starbucks and order a coffee, and the Starbucks person suddenly belts out in a soprano voice, “Whaaaaaat siiiiiiiize would you liiiiiiike?”, and, after taking a few seconds to get over my initial shock, I reply, “Large” (because I refuse, REFUSE, to say “Venti”), to which the Starbucks person responds by doing a double-twirl, followed by a leap and a high-kick, then belts out again in the soprano, “Wooooooould you liiiiiiiiike a receeeeeeeeeipt?”…I mean, c’mon…that’s awkward.  How am I supposed to react to that?
Despite all that, I will grudgingly admit that I was entertained by Mamma Mia! All I knew about the story came from the trailer.  The only reason I went to go watch it in the first place was that Meryl Streep was in it.  That woman could do an ad for partially digested dog food and I’d probably buy it.  And I don’t even have a dog.
Anyway, it turns out that those ABBA songs are pretty catchy.  Lots of people singing and dancing.  I may have nodded off a bit during the ballads.  But whatever.  Still good fun.
For those wondering what the story is about…there’s this girl who’s about to get married, and she wants her father to be at her wedding.  Except she’s never met her father.  But luckily for her, she is nosy and her mom kept a diary.  So the girl finds out that she has three potential daddies, and secretly invites all three men to this Greek island, where her mom runs an inn and where the wedding will be held.  All three men show up, thinking their former flame (the mom) invited them.  Drama and hijinks ensue.
And I’d like to clarify that by “drama,” I’m referring to the kind that is maybe a notch or two above the death of your pet rock, maybe on par with breaking a nail, definitely below the heart-crushing realization that some soulless demon ate the last piece of cake that you TOTALLY spent the past half-hour daydreaming about.  Because the two main sources of drama in this movie come from 1) the mom, who is going through some sort of mid-life crisis, complaining that her life has been spent working in a place that looks like this:
…and that she’s being wooed by a man who looks like this:
(Pierce Brosnan)
…and 2) from the daughter, who, on top of dealing with three potential fathers as opposed to, say, none, also has to decide whether she should marry the man she loves – a guy who is head-over-heels in love with her and looks like this:
dominic-cooper (Dominic Cooper)
…OR not marry the guy and STILL BE WITH HIM.  The hardship this girl is faced with.  It’s enough to make you forget about world hunger.
But you know what?  All kidding aside, I totally understand where these women are coming from.  It just so happens that right now, I’m having a really tough time deciding whether I should buy a black Bentley,…
…to match my hair, or a white one,…
…to match my smile.
Life’s a struggle, but we shall overcome.
Oh!  I almost forgot.  The reason I wrote this review in the first place.  I read a blurb recently about how Mamma Mia! is now the top grossing film of all time in Britain, beating even Titanic and other major blockbusters.  It’s on track to earning $600 billion worldwide.  When Meryl Streep was asked about that, she said:
No one writes about the fact this movie was bigger than the Quantum of Solace.  It doesn’t get the press, partly because it is perceived as a woman’s movie, but Mamma Mia! has buried, and I mean buried, all the conventional blockbusters.
Whaddya think about that, eh?
So that’s my two cents.  And what about your two cents ladies?  Who’s gonna write the next movie review?  In the meantime, I’ll work on reviews for The Tale of Despereaux and Doubt, both of which are still playing in theaters.  I think.  I will not make fun of Doubt.  In fact, if you haven’t yet seen Doubt, I really REALLY think you should go see it.  It’s really REALLY good.  I will, however, make fun of The Tale of Despereaux.  I know it’s a rated G kids’ movie, but I have no mercy.  Mwahahaha!
I can’t promise that the reviews will be up next week.  I’m actually hoping that one of you exceedingly wonderful examples of humanity will review something so that I can be off the hook.
I suppose I should include the trailers.  Fine.  But before I do, in case any of you were wondering where that island pictured above is…it is the Greek island of Skopelos, where Mamma Mia! was filmed.  And henceforth will probably get many, many curious tourists flocking to see how on earth Meryl Streep’s character could have endured such a hellhole.

The Tale of Despereaux trailer

Doubt trailer



14 Responses to “Movie Madness Monday: Mamma Mia!”

  1. Emma-Lu Says:

    hahahaha Kathy! You’re so addictively sarcastic sometimes… hahaha.
    Well I personally don’t think I would ever break into song when I’m ordering coffee either, but in my head I imagine myself dancing and entertaining the masses when I have a tune going back and forth in my head.. hahaha. Well this is cos I love dancing! Singing, well it depends.. Abba is very catchy yes.. and I think this movie did so well cos its full of crazy human melodramas, general sillyness and such a beautiful colourful beach. Woot!

  2. Jessica f Says:

    Haha I love this review!!! I love the singing in starbucks example! Btw I like the black bentley! Your sarcasm is HILARIOUS! It’s so hard to live on a beautiful country with hot men vying for my attention, I so understand meryl’s dilemma . I am not sure if I will rent this movie though. Thanks for such an awesome review!

    @kahry- did you get my cool shite email? Ooh I can write another review if you need help. I just saw bride wars last night! Pl

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    holy shiz kathy!
    when you review… you review

  4. Kathy Says:

    @ Jessica F – I sure did. I emailed you back. Did you get my many words of thanks?

  5. mld_7 Says:

    It’s not actually filmed only at Skopelos island. The most of the beaches you’re gonna see are from Skiathos island.Just for the record…
    I saw the movie last summer and it was funny!
    But the cast in general didn’t look like Greeks at all…!!
    They just used the place for the shots…

    Love,Marialena from Greece.

  6. MarilyneL Says:

    haha, now I have “Money, money, money” stuck in my head:P

  7. jessica f Says:

    @kathy- thanks for the email! Yup I checked it this morning! 

  8. Hammad Says:

    I think people ought to see “Slumdog Millionaire”. I think the story was brilliant, and the movie was so aesthetically beautiful, from the acting, to the score, to the cinematography, to the directing, to its idealism involving belief and love.

  9. Binks Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA omg Kathy that was hilarious! Lmao!
    My whole household loves this movie, my mom even bought it the day it came out. Apart from being an ABBA fan the movie leaves ya with a happy and warm buzz. I think that’s why so many people like it. (Meryl Streep is a bonus =P)
    Yeah I heard about Mama Mia beating Titanic I was shell-shocked, but really proud of it too. 😀 WOOT WOOT!
    I haven’t seen the mouse cartoon movie…for obvious reasons =P but I have seen Doubt and it was AWESOME! the acting was perfect as to be expected with Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Amy Adams. I mean c’mon? that cast won’t let down. Too boot I might see the play since its playing close by here 😀 yaaayyy!

    haha loved the review dude! Always make us peeps smile. 😀

  10. G Says:

    Bahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, those ballads were killer. Even though I love Meryl, I was waiting for Sam to push Donna off that cliff at one point. *shakes head*

  11. taylor nikole Says:

    you guis.. if the picture of her wasn’t enough…
    shes putting together a description PAHAH
    via internet through car pics LOL

  12. taylor nikole Says:

    oh kathy
    binks and i are reviewing curious case of benjamin button…
    no worries

  13. Binks Says:

    ohhh maaann and I was THIS CLOSE *pinches fingers* from escaping working with you >_>

    BLASTED! 😦

  14. Auntie Kailin Says:

    @Kathy – you know my New Year’s Resolution was to try stand up comedy…well, I think you should give it a try, too. You’re too funny! Ha ha. Sorry, I didn’t see this movie – been sooooo busy, goodness. But I’ve been to the musical in London, New York, and Dallas so you know I love the story and music. Gotto Go, but I will comment when I can. Thanks for the laugh!

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