Too Fun with Funtwo

The following video is brought to you courtesy of Jessica F.  All together now…”Thanks Jessica F!”  🙂

The video is of an electric guitar rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon, performed by funtwo.

So who is this mysterious capped musician with the nimble fingers, bathed in holy light?  His name is Lim Jeong-hyun, from South Korea.  Except for a month of lessons, he is a self-taught guitarist.  I don’t know much about guitar-playing, but apparently this guy is really, really good, which is why he shot to internet fame when other guitarists saw him play the Canon Rock song (the version arranged by Jerry Chang, aka JerryC).  After seeing his virtuoso skill, so many people wanted to know who he was that a couple years ago, a reporter from The New York Times tracked him down and wrote an article about him.

This all reminds me of another YouTube video I saw a long time ago, in which a comedian complains about Pachelbel’s Canon.  Comedy and classical music.  Who knew?

All hail Jessica F for the video!  😀



7 Responses to “Too Fun with Funtwo”

  1. jessica f Says:

    *turns beat red from the shoutout* no problem. Thank you for the shout!

    @ Kathy – thanks for posting this! I love this song and always rock it in my car! I can’t wait to start sending you more fun stuff. Plus, EXCELLENT job on the research part. You are one awesome blogger!! Yay!

  2. eddy Says:

    That was really funny!! Thanks! It reminds me of this video a bit:

  3. Hammad Says:

    The kid can play. It’s unbelievable how many hits that video has had: over 54 million. It’s amazing because he’s playing a neoclassical style invented and made popular by Malmsteen, who is the master at it, and I haven’t seen any of his videos even come close. The Koreans seem to have some talented musicians. I am a you tube friend/subscriber with one who has near “perfect pitch”, which means he plays by ear, and he also has talent like this guy. The skill of “perfect pitch” – being able to associate sounds with their pitch – is something I can’t even fathom and would love to have.

  4. Kathy Says:

    @ Hammad – Who’s Malmsteen? Do you play guitar? Perfect pitch is pretty awesome. It’s a very curious thing.

  5. jessica f Says:

    I would love to have that talent of being a self-taught musician who can master that song. I tried learning the guitar from my younger cousin – it was a no go. it is amazing that his video got 54 mill. hits! score!!

  6. Hammad Says:

    Yes, I do play guitar, but I don’t really dedicate myself to it. I’ll play every once in a while just to keep my fingers in shape just in case I try to get more serious. You develop a hardness around the tips of your fingers after playing for a while. Beginners can only play for a little while without pain until it develops.

    The one known as the neo-classical master is Yngwie Malmsteen. Here’s a video of him playing probably his most famous song:

    He started playing as a child, and he has perfect pitch.

  7. Hammad Says:

    Why didn’t my last response post? Is it because of the you tube link?

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