Just another morning commute.

This video was taken by Lyle Saxon, in 1991 during the rush hour morning commute in Tokyo, Japan.  Those white-gloved individuals gently assisting passengers board the train are called oshiya.

What I’d like to know is…what the heck kinda amazing awesomeness is waiting for them at the end of that train ride?  Does anyone know?


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7 Responses to “Just another morning commute.”

  1. Maxima Says:

    That is so out of wack!!!
    There are so many great things in Japan…
    that is not one of them…end of story.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR…(I’ve been busy)

  2. eddy Says:

    Wow, I would hate that so much.. I rather walk.

  3. Jenipher Says:

    Wow…that is simply…wow…completely speechless.

  4. jessica f Says:

    reminds of the buses in chinatown san fran. LOL that is just ridiculous!! i wanna go where theyre going!!

  5. taylor nikole Says:

    zee human avalanche/stampede! you pick!

  6. MarilyneL Says:

    That is unbelieveable…I wonder about the smell inside of the train….

  7. traveler Says:

    I live in Japan & this is no surprise for such a big city. Althoug, like u stated, this was back in ’91. Things have certaintly stepped up in transportation efficiency. Back in the day the prolly had trains coming every 30 mins or so. Now, there are trains that come every 5-10 mins depending on where u are. I still get crammed in a train from time to time, especially during a holiday & rush hour. Trains are really an efficient, cheap, and fun way to commute. As well as better for the environment than cars ^_^
    P.S. It doesn’t smell bad in the trains.

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