100% All Natural GBD

Gooooooood morning GBD!

First, can I say that you guys are awesome?  I mean really.  You guys are awesome.  Y’all have sent me so much stuff, it’s amazing!  So today, I thought it would be cool to have all of the posts be content submitted by you gals.  🙂

First up is a little ditty written and photographed by our very own Auntie Kailin.  Thanks Kailin!

(There will be 4 more posts after this one, spaced a couple hours apart.)


Sometimes, it is the youngest of us who will lead the way.  This is a true example of a woman (albeit a very young woman) trying to make a difference in the world.  Yes, this is Auntie Kailin’s 2-year-old daughter London Gow, but that’s besides the point.  London is already a young spokesperson for world peace and harmony.  Her favorite saying is “Peace, Love, Hope.”  If you are on Facebook, check out her Actor Fan Page for her credentials.  Model since 5 months old, Actor in commercial, television special, and the lead in an upcoming preschool DVD series, artist, and budding photographer.

This is her artwork:


The art is titled (in London’s own words) – “People are Legos.  We Fit Together to Make it Work.”




5 Responses to “100% All Natural GBD”

  1. jessica f Says:

    yay kailin! i saw this on your FB page! She is an amazing little girl, and she’s only TWO!! I love the lego art. she’s already so creative.

    @ kathy – loving this idea of having a little bit of each person posted!

  2. Rysa Says:

    So cute! So smart!

  3. MarilyneL Says:

    Yeah so cute and very smart! 😀 I love Legos! 😛

  4. t Says:

    sigh…you sure can tell them apart early. I’m pretty sure at 2 I was THROWING Legos at my brother.

  5. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. Creativity is something everyone is innately born with, but requires nurturing. Without the nurture of young creativity and talent, there would be no Mozart, Tiger Woods, Ron Howard, and many others who now bring such beauty and joy to the world.

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