Brainercise: Jessica M edition version 1.0

Jessica has joined the fray and sent in the following brainteaser.  Thanks Jessica!

There are six buckets in the ground, three filled with sand and three empty. You have to alternate the full and empty buckets by moving only one of them. There needs to be one full, one empty, one full, one empty, one full and one empty. And you can only move one of them. The buckets in the ground are distributed like this: three full and then the three empty ones in a single line.

(I think this is what Jessica means. If not Jessica, let me know and I’ll fix the picture.  And pretend the blue stuff is sand.  I do have a job you know.)

Oh, and I almost forgot.  My answer to last week’s brainteaser is comment #9.  I’ll update this post with Eddy’s answer as soon as it’s up.



2 Responses to “Brainercise: Jessica M edition version 1.0”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Take the middle sand-filled bucket and pour it into the middle empty bucket, then put the bucket back where it was. That way, you only move one bucket and have the alternating row of full and empty buckets.

  2. Hammad Says:

    Take out all of the sand from the bucket second from the right with your hands and put it on the ground. Fill the emptied bucket with the water from the bucket second from the left (the only one that moves) and pour the sand into the latter.

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