First Dog

So Taylor Nikole alerted me to the fact that the Obamas have gotten loads and loads of advice from people about which dog to get once they move into the White House.  (In case any of you were wondering, the Obamas promised their daughters that they would get them a dog, for being good sports about putting up with all of the hassle that comes with, oh, running for President).

One of the recommendations was a Goldendoodle?  What the heck is a Goldendoodle?  This is:

Brady Backcross Goldendoodle

I’m trying to figure out whether the person who named this a Goldendoodle was being serious or funny.

So what do you think the Obamas should get?

P.S. – Thank you Arelis and Leah for the advice about my sister’s desire for an American Eskimo.  I’ll pass along the info.  🙂


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8 Responses to “First Dog”

  1. jessica f Says:


    they are really obedient and extremely loyal. but all in all, i think they should look into adoption. I have 2 other mutts that are just wonderful. Just because a dog isnt full-breed doesn’t make them worth any less.

    i think the president could set a good example by doing this. maybe he can influence on pet adoption. 🙂

  2. Ashley Nguyen Says:

    It looks like a pretty cute mutt. But it has a lot of hair/fur that’s covering his/her eyes ….. and a lot of hair/fur around his/her body. I think I might pass on this dog

  3. jessica f Says:

    egad! my first comment isnt posting!! its stuck in moderation 😦

  4. cbee Says:

    I think they should get a toy poodle 😀 cos apparently the Obama’s are looking carefully at breeds cos one of the daughers is allergic? My family has a toy poodle cos my mum and sister are both allergic to dogs but poodles don’t really mault which with most people prevents the reaction

  5. Sarah Says:

    I think the Obama’s should adopt a dog from a local animal shelter. Its really important to support shelters, and instead of breeding more and more dogs, we need to give all the homeless pets a place to live. If the Obama’s showed their support for No More Homeless Pets, that would just boost them up even more to me

  6. airese Says:

    awww…he looks like a huge teddy bear! me likey!

  7. gaL Says:

    haha goldendoodle.. sounds adorable.. i think a schnauzer is a classy dog..

  8. LI Says:

    He is a cuty.

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