It’s like CSI for realz.

A mosquito (Anopheles stephensi) in flight with its abdomen full
(A mosquito in flight with its abdomen full of blood.)

Police in Finland found a stolen car.  That’s not the big whoop part.  The big whoop part is that the police also found a mosquito inside that car.  Then they used the DNA from the blood in the mosquito to find a suspect and arrest him.

The article (it’s really short).

Done in by a mosquito.  Whoda thunk?


11 Responses to “It’s like CSI for realz.”

  1. Hammad Says:


  2. eddy Says:

    Now that is cool! Go Finland! (our neighbors)

  3. Kendra Says:

    That is freaky and really cool! Well….and kinda gross!

  4. Kathy Says:

    @ Hammad – “Mosquitowned”…lol…very nice. 😀

  5. jessica f Says:

    that is some serious CSI stuff. Freakin amazing. But, what if the misquito didn’t bite that thief but bit someone else and they got the wrong person? lol I kid. I didnt get to read the full article yet 🙂

  6. Ashley Nguyen Says:

    That’s awesome …. I never heard of anything like it. At least they caught the culprit 😀

  7. ccb Says:

    the mosquito’s a little hero 🙂

  8. taylor nikole Says:

    gross little bugs

    pretty cool though haha
    i will admit

  9. MarilyneL Says:

    Anything handy to catch a thief…even a mosquito…who would have thought? 😛 the moral, always keep some mosquitos in your car before locking it..:P

  10. LI Says:


  11. G Says:

    Sweeeeeeeet. They’re always gonna get ya!

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