Passport to: Aberystwyth, Wales

(“A” marks the spot where Aberystwyth is.)

GBD GBD GBD!  Today is a special day because today is the VERY FIRST edition of the finding-out-about-other-places-and-cultures-idea-thingie.  Remember?  Introducing Chloe B (aka “The Wales Girl” aka “cbee17”), from Aberystwyth.  Here’s what she wrote:



I live in a little university town in Wales in the UK called Aberystwyth (but moved from London to here about two years ago), and it’s pretty much bilingual language wise between Welsh and English. The people are kind of varied, cos sometimes there’s a little hostility by those who speak welsh and think everyone should…but generally people are ok, and the students aren’t bad, plus it’s cool because you got people from all over the place. Sadly there isn’t a lot to do around here…there’s the arts centre that is with the university which has a little theatre which sometimes has good productions, and a cinema in it, but most people (I mean the younger generation including moi lol) prefer our little local one, which only has one screen -.- and shows one film a week so we only really get the big films. Aber’s right on the coast too, so I’m near the beach. But it’s annoying because Aber isn’t exactly a city it’s quite difficult to travel between towns (and there’s only one main route to connect us to everywhere by road lol… and only one train line) so most of my friends travel about two hours by bus to get to school which makes it difficult to see them outside of school. A definite place to visit is Constitution Hill which has a railway going up, or you can walk, and at the top you can see the whole of Aberystwyth and a great view of the sea. But yeah that’s pretty much all the places you can visit! I guess people talk about normal stuff…and there aren’t really any traditions. Food, generally normal but apparently the Welsh are keen on stew (I repeat here that I’m not Welsh lol). But the scenery is lovely, and the place is great for a short visit, but to live it’s kind of dull, but I don’t mind cos I sometimes prefer the slowness to city life. Erm…attitudes to women? I suppose if you look at the general families, it’s kind of old fashioned with mums at home, and with some people you can detect a bit of sexism which I won’t go into, but I’d say there definitely is some around. But yeah again that’s only really with the older generations, the youth around here are very open-minded and have great ambitions, most of my friends all want to go to Uni (not here though :P)


Thanks Chloe for telling us about Aberystwyth!

So whaddya think guys?  Isn’t this so cool??


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12 Responses to “Passport to: Aberystwyth, Wales”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Since it’s so close to the sea, do people eat a lot of seafood? How about seafood stew since you said Welsh people are into stew?

    Yes, I know…I’m a little obsessed with food. 😉

  2. jessica f Says:

    That picture of Aberystwyth is breathtaking. I really loved learning about Chloe’s home especially because she lives on the opposite end of the world from CA. I really enjoyed reading about the culture there, even the minor mention of traditional sexism that still lies within. But that really sucks that it takes 2 hours by bus to get to school. 😦 In exchange, is the scenery around the city just beatutiful though?

    @kathy – nice job with the map, bc i have no idea where places are located. i am not good at geography!

  3. cbee Says:

    Thank you for making such a big thing of my post! I feel special 🙂 🙂 Today’s so strange… (I finally had the guts to quit my job where my boss has been treating me like dirt for a year) um seafood isn’t a massive thing, if anything lamb is the more welsh focused meat, or beef, because it’s a very agricultural place. Something amazing I forgot to mention in the post though was sometimes in the summer if the sea’s calm you can see dolphins from the shore if you’re lucky which is really awesome. Thank you again for taking the time to post this Kathy, it makes me feel involved in the GBD community, which is such a positive thing 🙂

  4. Megi Says:

    Great job,Kathy!
    And yeah.Chloe..I can understand your life in Aberystwyth..sometime in the Summer I go to visit my Granny,she lives in Vratza(a small province town in Bulgaria).And in this place the life is the same as
    Thanks for shearing a piece of you :]

  5. MarilyneL Says:

    Dolphins? woot woot! Thanks for sharing Chloe! I love to travel so I was really interested and would love to know more about this fantastic place 😀

  6. Nina Says:

    WOW! This looks stunning! You have a wonderful place to live there, Chloe! And it makes me smile that it’s not too far for me to travel, too 🙂 After finishing my studies I wanted to travel to the UK (actually I wanna explore the whole world, but that could be kinda difficult 😉 ) and Aberystwyth will DEFINETLY be a place! The picture is awesome and I have got itchy feet now! Hehe…
    Is there any bigger city near Aberystwyth?

  7. cbee Says:

    @nina: well there’s cardiff, but it takes several hours by train and cos you have to go by train generally you have to go east to near the border and then head south west from there, you can’t go straight in that direction from here unfortunately which would be a lot quicker. as i said it’s not got great travel links lol! but it only takes a few hours to go to the likes of birmingham i think.
    ok now my turns over i’m more anxious to read about the places where all you guys live! 🙂

  8. Rebbecca Claire Says:

    I live in Wales so you guys talking about it is weird. I live in Barri about ten miles away from Cardiff wich is the capitol city, Cardiff is like any other modern city but a bit smaller. When I was younger I would go to Cardigan Bay in west Wales (inclyding Aberystwyth) wich is the most beautiful places I’ve been.

  9. Mily Says:

    Other cool stuff about Wales –

    It is called The Land of Song,
    Welsh is one of the oldest living European languages, and is taught bilingually in schools.
    It is one of the six Celtic Nations.
    It is the World’s first Fair Trade nation.
    It is not a country but a principality, and officially part of England.
    The Welsh flag has a picture of a red Dragon on a green and white background.
    They say it always rains in Wales, which isn’t true but it does rain a lot!!

    Famous Wlesh people-

    Actors – Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton, Catherine Zeta Jones.

    Singers – Bonnie Tyler, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey.

    Writers – Roald Dahl, Dylan Thomas

    Also, Laura Ashley and George Everest ( Everest was named after him!)

    Oh, there’s also St David’s day, where kids dress up and wear Leeks and Daffodils. The girls wear Welsh shawls and bonnets. It’s so cute!

    I was born and raised in Wales, and it is a beautiful place to live. I live in the South, and there’s a lot more stuff to do. There’s the mountains (lots of mountains in Wales) and beaches, cities, towns. Everything, really.

  10. Mily Says:

    Oh, I just realised. To the poster above, you live in Barri, (I’m from Neath btw) Do you watch Gavin and Stacey?
    LOL. Sorry. Stupid Post.

  11. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Woot Woot, Chloe!

    I’ve visited Wales, and there is one thing I learned about your beautiful land…is that English is spoken like nowhere else in the world – every word float like music rustling in the wind.

    Aberystwyth is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and Cardiff – well, to us Americans, is magical with its old castles.

    Thank you, Chloe and Rebbecca Claire, for sharing about Wales!

  12. Kathy Says:

    @ all the Welsh peepz in the house – What does Welsh sound like? And the Welsh accent? Now I’m curious. Got any audio links? I’ll post it if I can figure out how. lol.

    @ Rebbecca Claire & Mily – Are your neighborhoods a lot different from Chloe’s? Because you can always tell us abooouuuuut iiiiiiiit! 😉

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