Board of Directors

Taylor Nikole

My name is Taylor Nikole and I’m fifteen years old, although people say I look younger. You would probably have to cut me open and count my rings to really know how old I am. I am anything but shy (I love to meet new people) and I love communication, discussion and debate (basically anything that makes me think). My personality is definitely something different! I am the kind of person you will see dancing to fun music in public and trying on ‘expressive’ clothing, while taking millions of pictures. ‘The arts’ are everything to me and are a huge part of my life; photography, painting, writing, theatre… I adore them all! Someday I want to travel the world and experience tons of different cultures. I’m quirky, I cry during sad movies and songs, I secretly love watching old movies (maybe not so secret, but it I love thinking it is) and I’m vegetarian. Yep, that is basically me in a nutshell! Also, getting the chance to be on the board of directors is amazing and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity. I’m excited and can’t wait to voice my opinion and contribute to decisions on GBD along with the other BOD girlies.


My real name is Bianca, most people call me Binks though. I’m 17 yrs old and a senior in High School. I’m relatively shy around people, until I get to know ya then the fun arrives. I’m a total goofball and I like to play pranks on peeps. MUAHAHA! >=) I like to play sports and games, basically anything that involves fun, I’m there. Gotta enjoy life while you’re living it. 😉 But, I can have an intelligent conversation (contrary to popular belief :P) I love to read and enjoy writing whatever pops into my cooky brain. I’m a total Tv and movie buff, love the magic of the screens.

If you ever need a helping hand or just someone to talk to don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always here for you.

I am very excited and very proud to be a part of the BOD, I believe helping people is crucial for everything we do and maintaining our humanity. Together, we can create a better and stronger society, but first we must be able to empower ourselves, and I think GBD is the perfect place to be able to start growing into better individuals. I’m happy to be a part of the journey we will all be embarking on.


Hi! My name is Joy, and a lot of people say I’m unique, which is always nice. :]

I LOVE lilo&sitch, books, art, and theater. I think all the life lessons you ever need to know can be found in a book of fairytales. I’m a really bad test taker, and I can’t sing to save my life. I dance and run for exercise. I want to be fluent in Spanish and French.

Being a part of GBD is so important to me because there really isn’t any place girls can go to just be themselves without being judged or competing. GBD is the only one

that stood up and is sure to become the most inspirational and creative place for girls and that, is beyond awesome. So I wanted to be a part of it :]

Winter is my favorite season, hands down. Wintery rain is my favorite weather!!

😀 that’s it.


Okay so, I’m Jenipher Ivette Hernández Falcón (call me Jenny if you like! :D) and I was born on November 24, 1991 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. I still live in PR. *Smiles* Yup…I’m 16! Soon to be 17 YAY! I could be described pretty much with one simple word, shy! Having gone through the experience of constantly jumping from one school to another made me that way…I guess? Yeah, and so after all the moving I settled at the school I’m currently at in the 5th grade and so it’s been an interesting experience and a challenge to open up to people because I hardly ever had the chance to do that when I was little. So enough about shyness! I have an addiction to writing stories and blogging (whatever is in my head), listening to music that makes me wonder, and taking part in activities that focus on helping others…I get to do that in the 4-H Club, “Club Me Importas Tu” translation? “I Care About You Club”? LOL which I think may just be self-explanatory…all about helping out in our community with activities or giving what we can to those in need, you name it! With friends I am very outgoing and perhaps way too crazy (in a good way). I enjoy meeting new people but it takes me a little while to get the feel of being myself, but I eventually do act all goofy and stuff so no worries. I also want to be an administrative assistant (erm…secretary LOL), I’ve been doing it for the past years in my school on the clubs I previously mentioned and secretary to my Senior Class too and so realizing how much I love it, that’s what I want to do when in the road of adulthood!

I’m incredibly happy to be part of the GBD BOD! I guess being able to work aside many girls around the world inspires me to pursue many projects I’ve had in mind for the past few years.


Hi I am Allie, I am 19 years old and live in the US. A bit of other random stuff about me: I’m currently in my first year of college, after taking a gap year last year to do humanitarian work in NY. I love art of all types, and am constantly drawing, taking pictures, designing and creating. I also love to cook, and whenever I’m stressed out I’ll bake a cake or make a few batches of cookies. Oh, and another bit of random info, I’m 6’5″. Fun stuff.

Being apart of the GBD BOD is important to me because I feel I need to take steps to grow as a person, and part of that includes taking on more responsibilities, and also being able to communicate with other girls throughout the world to share and hear ideas, in order to have a better understanding of our world as a whole!

Yeah, so I think that’s about it,



Hey, I’m Grace Hansen. I’m sixteen and live in Idaho. Although I’ve never felt like I’m really made for the rhythm of a small town, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to grow up in one. The last couple of years especially, I’ve realized how much I can learn from Idaho before I leave it. It’s taught me to enjoy simple things, and become familiar with rural culture and landscape. I’ve grown to appreciate the acres of fields surrounding my neighborhood and the wide-open spaces I can find in minutes if I need to think or be alone. More than anything, though, it’s taught me to live in the present moment and enjoy what I have.

I’ve had the privilege of playing basketball since I was in kindergarten and I love it. Being a part of a team has taught me so many things about life that I get to practice on the court all the time. I also love making movies with my friends, snowboarding, and rock climbing when I get the chance. But most meaningful of all are the connections I share with my family and friends, especially my little sister.

When it is time for me to leave Idaho, I want to go to college and either major in communication or investigative reporting. Eventually, I want to see the whole world and hopefully gain empathy for all types of people living in cultures very different from what I’m accustomed to. My mom always taught me that people matter most, and I try to live by that principle. That is one reason why I’m really excited to be a part of Girls by Design. I’m looking forward to watching it grow and benefit thousands of girls all over the world. Having the chance to help with GbD’s amazing cause is an honor and a privilege that I will be grateful for my entire life.


Hi people!!!! My name is Lydia Park. I’m a teenager who loves music, movies, reading, talking to people, LAUGHING!!!, SHOPPING!!!!, and having fun!! 😀 I love GBD because it’s a warm, safe place for girls to come together and support each other and just be themselves. It’s a magical sanctuary. The amazing folks at GBD offer wonderful advice to girls like you and me. They’ve definitely helped me a lot!!! 🙂 I’m thrilled to be a part of this awesome organization. I hope that through my position as a Girls by Design Board of Director, I can reach out to, get to know, and help you GBD users! Always here for you all, ~ Lydia


I’ve been called different names throughout my life. Whether its “JJ” “Juccii” “GeeL” or “Dork” the one name that stuck with me is JL. JL because its abbreviated from my full name, Juleonie Louise. I’m very approachable and optimistic. I tend to goof off a bit but when its time to be serious, I get serious. I strongly believe that things happen for a reason and that you are given people to help you through the bad times. “Life doesn’t give you the people you want. It gives you the people you NEED. To help you, to hurt you, to love you, to leave you. To make you the person you were meant to be.” Therefore I thank the people in my life who has left an imprint on me to be where I am today. Most of them are the reason why I think that being one of the Girls By Design B.O.D is a great way to help people generally. To advise and hopefully pass on the experiences that I’ve seen and experienced myself.

15 Responses to “Board of Directors”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Congratz!! I’m sure you are going to come up with amazing ideas for GBD, you guys seem great. See u around!

  2. Kells Says:

    Congratulations, ladies! You all seem like awesome girls! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Ashley Says:

    Congrats guys!!! Make us proud!! XD

  4. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Congratulations, gals!!!!

    I already know Taylor and Binks! They are awesome girls!
    I’m sure the others are as well!!

  5. skahahoo Says:

    Hey…when did this link get here? Great!

    Congrats to all you gals! You seem like an awesome bunch. Whoohoo! 😀

  6. Kendra Says:

    Woot! Woot! you ladies ROCK and we cant wait to work with all of you!


  7. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Yes!! They are just too awesome!!! 😉

    I’m sure they’ll do great things!!!


  8. taylor nikole Says:

    awww we love you V-card!

  9. Jenipher Says:

    YAY! I got the chance to get to know a little bit of each of all of you through this! I can’t wait to work with you guys! ♥

  10. ZhangTianshu Says:

    I love my cats,3 black-white cats,they’re very lovely!Then I love Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk,which I know in Smallville! You are smart and beautiful! Besides,I am Chinese.

  11. Monique Says:

    i luv u taylor

  12. taylor nikole Says:

    awwww mo mo
    love youuu tooo

  13. Binks Says:

    Mo mo? is that you? HI MO MO!! *waves*

  14. Suz Says:

    Hey. Congrats guys ohh and my birthday is also nov 24th how cool but I was born in 90. I love this place. I think i am on a pepsi high

  15. taylor nikole Says:

    yes its mo mo :-p

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