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Health Journey: Acupuncture

August 12, 2008

Hello Ladies!!! I’m excited to be able to do my check-in with you guys because I was finally able to measure myself and am SO happy to report that I’m STILL on track! Despite my diet “adjustments” when I was in California! I’m checking in today at 220 lbs, and am going for 218 by Thursday. W00t!

This week I’m going to chat a bit about one of the methods that I’ve been using to become healthier. That method is Acupuncture. I’ve got a great friend here in Vancouver who is a registered Acupuncturist and she’s been taking amazing care of me for the last couple of months. She’s always sure to see me before I go on long trips and treat me specifically for the things she sees to be the most important.

Acupuncture is a form of eastern medicine that (thought to specifically derive from China but has various forms in Asia) deals primarily with a person’s “energy” field and the “yin” and “yang” and stuff. I think yin and yang are commonly heard terms but within the body, they are about the physical structure of one’s body vs the energy flow of one’s body.

I have to admit, I have always been a skeptic. Sometimes I still am. But the other day I had an interesting experience that is having me re-evaluate my thoughts on acupuncture given my new experiences in it. So I was laying on the table. My friend/acupunturist had some heated instrument that she was putting over my body as she was treating me for a “yang” deficiency (which was apparently causing some digestive issues for me). All of a sudden, while she was putting the heated instrument over my right leg, a weird sensation or build-up went into one spot on the side of my leg. I thought she was playing with a needle or something and kept thinking “Oh my gosh is that necessary?” because, while the sensation wasn’t painful, I was associating with pain since the instrument I believed was being used was a needle. Weird huh!? So I mentioned the sensation to her and she investigated. There wasn’t even a needle site where it was “hurting”. Her explanation is that sometimes the Qi (energy, pronounced “ki”) gets built up in certain areas of our body and causes an energy stoppage, which will create a sensational pressure. Her explanation made a lot of sense, because otherwise there would be no reason to have this strange pressure! So that experience really has me wondering more and more about this world of Qi. I’ll discover more as I go, I suppose! During every treatment, my practitioner leaves little seeds in my ears as take home treatments. Basically there’s a point in one’s ear that represents the entire body so she leaves 4 to 6 seeds which are applied with a clear/tan bandaid type applicator and maintains a light pressure on the points. Each point represents something she’s treating me for. This week I have five points. Two to treat a foot injury I have (and the injury is by far less painful since she inserted the seeds…. although admittedly its been four days so it could just be naturally healing), one to treat my yang deficiency one for the spleen and one for weight loss (an appetite suppressant point).

So, over time we’ll see how effective this all is if even at all. I think its kind of neat to be able to try out these things and have new experiences just to see how they’ll work with my own body. If any of you has ever tried it, do share your experiences and thoughts!

For now, I’m going to go ahead and close with a new photo to add to my weight-loss photo journal. Enjoy!!