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First Dog

January 16, 2009

So Taylor Nikole alerted me to the fact that the Obamas have gotten loads and loads of advice from people about which dog to get once they move into the White House.  (In case any of you were wondering, the Obamas promised their daughters that they would get them a dog, for being good sports about putting up with all of the hassle that comes with, oh, running for President).

One of the recommendations was a Goldendoodle?  What the heck is a Goldendoodle?  This is:

Brady Backcross Goldendoodle

I’m trying to figure out whether the person who named this a Goldendoodle was being serious or funny.

So what do you think the Obamas should get?

P.S. – Thank you Arelis and Leah for the advice about my sister’s desire for an American Eskimo.  I’ll pass along the info.  🙂


Best Job Ever?

January 9, 2009

Professional Bird Namer.

For some strange reason, Taylor Nikole thought that I would be in the running for the race to see who would be the first to ask about the blue-footed boobies (from Kristin’s post about her trip to Ecuador).  But sadly, I never had a chance at winning this competition.  Not only because I was up against powerhouses like G and Binks (congratulations on the win G!), but also because I had just learned what a blue-footed boobie was maybe a couple hours or so before I read that post.  Funny story (as in funny coincidence, not funny haha)…I was helping one of my students learn about evolution for her biology class, and she told me she visited the Galapagos Islands, and I was like, “Wow! You went to the Galapagos?? That’s so cool! You were where Darwin was!” (I know…I’m such a nerd), and she told me all about it, and how she saw blue-footed boobies everywhere.  Apparently, blue-footed boobies are to the Galapagos Islands what pigeons are to New York City.

There is a point to this post.  So after reading about the blue-footed boobies, I was reminded of another bird with a, ahh, colorful name that I read about a while ago.   I remember this name clearly because of the memorable headline.   In fact, I think it was probably the best headline I read in 2008.

So if you were amused by the Blue-footed Boobies


…then what do you think about the Great Tit?


And alright, alright…if you must really know what the best headline of 2008 was, here it is.

WTF: American Eskimo

January 8, 2009
My sister wants a dog.  Specifically, she wants an American Eskimo.  So she sent me this picture to try and convince me:


If her getting a dog is anything like her getting a cat when she was younger, I’m going to be the one cleaning up poop and feeding the furball half the time.
Poop is necessary, but I do not like it.
So what do you say?  Win, Toss, or Fail?


December 2, 2008

…what do you think will happen when a polar bear meets a pack of dogs? Is the suspense killing you? Then click here to find out.