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The Mom Song! ekkkkk!

December 18, 2008

OMG! is this what’s going to happen to me????


Marcus Terry Voth

November 13, 2008

Hey Everyone!

The last two weeks have been a crazy wonderful blur. I really wanted to jump on here sooner and share so many things with all of you,  but wee little Marcus and I are taking some quality time to get to know each other. Everyday he is learning more and more about being a baby and I am learning more and more about being a mommy. I am excited for you all to read our next newsletter about Marcus’s Halloween arrival. But in the mean time I want to thank you all for the amazing messages and all the love everyone has been sending out to MTV. hahaha! and NO! I soooo didnt not realize (until my mom pointed it out) that Marcus’s initials are MTV. Lets hope the kids in school go easy on him :).

Lots of Love!

Kendra and Marcus


November 1, 2008

MarcusHere is the very first image of Kendra and Terry’s babe… He is awesome… I am in awe.

I visited today, and everyone is healthy, happy and tired. Kendra will write you all as she gets settled.


Kristin (and Kendra and Marcus)

A drum rolls somewhere

November 1, 2008

YAY!!! I got this message from Kendra this morning:

Little Marcus Terry Voth joined the world on Halloween. 8lbs 1oz…

Kendra is doing fine! Full of joy and in awe of the child birth process that women go through. More to post from one of us with lovely photos and maybe a more personal story from Kendra herself. Hang tight, through the weekend at least.

Week 39 – 3 MORE DAYS!

October 29, 2008

OMG! 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL MY DUE DATE! Besides the fact that I cant see my feet anymore, my left foot looks like an alien innovator, there is what appears to be a leg sticking out the side of my stomach, I cant sleep, I cant sit, I cant stand and I gotta pee every two minutes, all is well, and I am uber excited for the arrival of EXTRA LITTLE, who clearly is EXTRA BIG now.

Oh did I mention that my hips are being forced apart by a human head getting ready to embark down the birth canal, which I imagine must be something like going head first down a big huge water slide. My legs are like two dead weights, I HAVE NO MUSSCLES to lift them, there seems to be a babies body in the way!

My gal pals warned me that the last few weeks of pregnancy were going to be a wee bit uncomfortable. WEEEEE!??? I say….WEEE?! At this point I am fully possessed by this adorable little impostor that doesn’t seem to want to join us here in the world.

So, me and Extra Little (BIG) had a little discussion yesterday, I was like “Extra, its time to come out, I am evicting you form my womb now, come on out, we want to meet you.” Extra responded with a swift kick to the ribs, ahhhh but I caught that wee little foot and poked it back in there…first mother-child disagreement. Feisty little thing in there is always up to something, all hours of the day…must be some sort of going away party happening in there.

The suspense is killing me and I honestly cant wait to meet this new little being that is going to be joining our life! Only days left to go hopefully! Yippi! I will keep you all posted!



October 10, 2008

I just HAD to share this dream with all of you.  I slept in late toady, to 8am oooo sooo late hahahaha! But I was having the most VIVID baby dream and would love to try to piece what it means together.  Anyone wanna help?

OK…so…here is goes…Terry and I are driving in a car (not sure what kind of car, seemed comfortable), ALL OF A SUDDEN my big belly starts to flatted out…there was NO PAIN or PANIC, it just kinda felt weird. It actually felt very peaceful and calm.

Then I felt a tingling above my public bone and watched my belly bump move down, down, down…then within a matter of minutes I saw the babies head, there was no pain, but a cute little baby head sticking out, looking back at me.  Then came the shoulders and within minutes I was holding the baby in my arms.   The baby came out with ease, I took off my shirt and placed the baby on my chest and the baby started to nurse all by itself.

I look over at Terry, who was calm driving the car.  Then….I look back to the baby and the baby is now a black and white baby goat, in my dream this was not odd or shocking or anything, it was simply just a baby goat nursing.  Then I woke up….CRAZY right?!!!

I wonder if this means the baby is on the way???


ps I love this family picture of Extra Little Terry and I, thank you to Winica for taking such beautiful photos!

Brain VS Subconscious

September 26, 2008

I spent most of yesterday reflecting on my emotions, as I had been teary for the past 48 hours. I wanted to see if I could really get in touch with what was going on for me. HORMONES! Maybe?!

I am not sure if through this whole pregnancy I have REALLY, REALLY connected with the whole experience of being a human incubator and being a NEW PARENT. Imagine having on your TO DO LIST: incubate baby, learn to be a parent. Don’t laugh at me! Yes, these things appear on my internal TO DO LIST…I am nutty that way.

But here’s what I think brought on the tears, besides just hormones. I am learning to let go of control, and slowly realizing that I am vulnerable. Vulnerable, meaning, open to any possibility or situation and being open and able to accept help when I need it. Being vulnerable is a VERY SCARY thing for me. You can’t put, incubate a baby and learn to be a parent, on a TO DO LIST! It’s one of those things that you learn and experience along the way. You can’t control it. I can’t control it. CAN SOME TELL THAT TO MY SUBCONSCIOUS! Ok, look, if my brain and my subconscious can’t get along one of them is going to be sent to their room until they can play fair…hahahaha!

Now I know all this anti-control stuff intellectually, but I think the concept is integrating itself fully into my body and I am on the verge of having a major AHA! Moment, hence all the tears. The tears seem to reflect me working through the scary part of that.

My brain says, “I can’t control the world or even predict what might happen, I could go into labor at any moment. Ready or not, Extra Little could come flying out and that’s ok.”

My Subconscious says, ‘OMG I can’t control the world or even predict what might happen? I could go into labor at any moment. Ready or not, Extra Little could come flying out and, and, and…its NOT ok!

“Why is THAT sooo scary?” Asks Brain

Subconscious replies…because the Nursery isn’t done, I haven’t tied up loose ends, I haven’t completed all my goals, everything isn’t in “perfect” order, I haven’t planned every single little detail of my life, I haven’t read every book and, and, and….!

Then my dad calls at the perfect time and says, (what my brain would say) “Kendra, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” I laughed, I say this to people all the time…and here my Dad is saying it to me. It’s a great question, one of my favorites!

Then I sat with all these thoughts and wondered if my fear is really not about NOT BEING ABLE, but instead is about BEING ABLE, able to handle anything that comes my way no matter how hard it is. Does that make sense? Then I woke up this morning and read an email from SUPERSMITTE a GBD member who shared this quote. I know and love this quote as well and wanted to share it with you.

A quote by Marianne Williamson:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that
we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most
frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of
God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing
enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around
you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make
manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us;
it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give
other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own
fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


Funny Little Alien Baby 33 Weeks

September 18, 2008

Well Extra Little isn’t sooo little these days…we had a 3D ultra sound done yesterday and WOW! Soooo cute and well…kinda alien like…but soooo cute!  The ultra sound shows Extra Little is now about 6lbs 2oz..I was like, WHAT!?  Extra still has around 6 weeks to bake and OMG! how much will Extra little grow from now until then?  I mean HELLO Extra Little needs to make it out of a hole the size of a quarter :).

I honestly cant believe how fast the time is flying by…between Kristin and I our spare time has been spent  shopping for puppy stuff, baby stuff, puppy potty training and planning baby showers…I cant believe ALL the things puppies and babies need…hahahaha!

Baby Registries, puppy schooling, car seats, doggy beds, strollers, doggy car harness, cribs, puppy chow, Onzies (do you know what that is?), baby bath tubs and the list goes on and on and on… but FUN times!

I think all females have this innate instinct to nurture and love, I have never felt so at peace, yet it’s a side of myself that I never fully recognized before, it was always there and present, but the sense of inner peace was in disguise…then I get a good kick OUCH! in the ribs by Extra Little that sense of inner peace turns into inner pain…hahaha! What am a rambling about?  Not really sure…might just be baby brain…or it could be that I am starting to see the joy in the little things in life…and how those little things truly shape my life…the joy in watching Kristin’s new puppy explore and experiment to watching legs and feet stick out of my belly…these are the things that I would miss if I didnt take a moment to stop and see them…those moments are happening all the time, do you stop and see them in your life?

Kendra and Extra Little.

Now That’s Getting Personal

September 4, 2008

Belly ShotIs there an alien in there? whats that sticking out my side? Ohhh…don’t kick me there…now that’s getting personal!

Week 31 and I’m loving every minute of it…I find it interesting when people approach me and say “awww how ya feeling?” like being pregnant is an illness or something. I feel great, never better actually. I am excited, giddy and kinda dreamy about how my life is unfolding day by day…I won’t lie, I have my OMG! moments and “I dont know what I am doing” feelings, but those don’t last long. They are just moments that help remind me that I am not in control and just along for the ride :).

So my wee little 3.5 pounder is wiggling in there non stop…it feels pretty trippy…last week there was suddenly this bump sticking out of my side, hmmm I thought…is the baby trying to make a get away? Fascinated I grabbed ahold of this bump sticking out of my side and I almost fainted as the bump retreated and then moved worm-like across my belly! OMG! is there an alien in there? ummmm no, just a human being..*GASP* tries to run for the hills but realizes where I go so does the alien inside.

So lately its been a game of cat and mouse, I am like “Hellllloooo in there Extra Little…where are you?” Poke! Poke! and sure enough if I poke poke in the right place I get thumped back, yup thumped, no loving pokes from the inside.

Now I don’t want to get into many details about all this kicking and wiggling and alien like activity…but I have to say and don’t laugh…well laugh if you want but, kicking and punching can…well….sometimes get personal, for example HELLLOOO G-SPOT! Ohhh….ummm….hey that makes me uncomfortable *Yikes* tries to run for the hills but realizes where I go baby can still kick me in the G-Spot! But really who can complain I could be experiencing heart burn instead, tee hee! (ok that might of been tooo personal :). Well lets face it pregnancy is personal…again I am just going along for the ride and trying to share my experiences honestly.

I thought it might be fun to start an online baby pool where we could all guess the due date, time of delivery, boy/girl, weight etc. and have a little fun! ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW HOW TO DO THAT? Hellloooo out there….hehehe!

Kendra and Extra Little

Baby: HypnoBirthing

August 17, 2008

My first mistake was searching online for birth videos and coming across some very scary examples!…I found myself watching these videos and crying my eyes out in fear of when the time would come for me to push a basketball out a hole the size of a quarter. Videos featured cutting, ripping, stretching, forceps and green masked people hovering over women screaming in pain.

Yes…women give birth everyday…BUT, have you ever REALLY seen it?.

Honestly, I was genuinely terrified, these videos are raw, real and probably the best form of birth control out there. So maybe teens should see these videos…or maybe not, I don’t believe in the fear factor, just reality. (hahaha does that comment even make sense?)…lol.

However that being said, I couldn’t believe this was the only way. This in not the kind of birth I wanted to experience, nor do I want my baby to experience!

Is what you see in movies true to the human experience? This thought was horrifying to me…There had to be another way, was it really all about pain, drugs, c-sections and fear, ripping the arm off your husband?

Then a dear friend of mine who recently had her first baby shared her experience of HypnoBirthing with me.

Hypno What? ya HypnoBirthing…have you heard about this…HypnoBirthing thing? This was a first for me too.

It sounds amazing, you and your partner learn together as a team. Your partner, as your supporter, is there to help you find a very deep state of relaxation, through positive thinking, breathing and visualization during the birth of the baby.

You are sooo deeply relaxed that you literally breathe the baby down the birth canal and gently into the world, quietly peacefully and lovingly…NO SCREAMING, NO PANIC, NO DRUGS, NO PAIN!…Yup sign me up!

Skeptical? Ummmm….ya…of course…who wouldn’t be? Painless childbirth? Is there such thing? Well, we are going to find out together ladies!…I am going to remain open minded and open hearted to this new experience and share with you what I find out. Think of me as the detective or guinea pig whichever you find most amusing ☺

It seems to me that childbirth is not an event to be feared; it is a natural expression of life that women have been experiencing since the beginning of time.

It makes sense to me that the Mongan Method says, “that when we release the fear, a fear that is keeping the body tense and closed, we will experience gentle birth”.

If you want more info…please check out

Here is a very gentle animated video showing how a baby naturally moves down the birth canal and into the world. Animated Child Birth.

Let me know what you ladies think, I would love to hear your thoughts:)