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Movie Madness Mondays: Amelie

August 18, 2008

Ummm… I love this movie. Like, a lot. I love the color, the quirky-ness of the story, the way Jeunet introduces each of his characters, I love her, I love the little gnome (I gave one of those to my dad after I did “Snow White”–they are so bloody fantastic), I freaking LOVE Paris, the music is so beautiful… I will refrain from making a complete list as I think that would be a wee bit tedious for all of you. The point is: I love this movie.

When I first saw Amelie I was in a period of great change in my life. In Amelie I saw a lot of myself: her enjoyment of “little things”, her imagination as well as her struggle to connect with people. To me this is a beautiful story of blossoming. What does it take for a person to decide to overcome a fear? What does it take for a person to open up and to live more fully, with more presence?

For me, at that point in my life, it was a recognition while I was traveling in Nepal that I was not living my life the way I wanted… I was so fearful of simply expressing myself and connecting deeply with others. And while I watched the Nepali people (especially the children), and while expelling whatever little bug had made it’s way into my system during my trek on the Annapurna circuit, I was like, “Dude… really? You’re really going to be afraid your whole life?” And I went home and I started to go out and build friendships, I began the process of understanding that my focus on helping others was also a distraction from my self, I began a relationship, started to buy clothes other than fleece and jeans and changed some of the way I had been. Obviously it was only the inspiration to change things, I can continue to choose to evolve myself or not. To overcome fears takes effort. I really see all of this in Amelie and her journey to herself.

Another thing I love about the film is the illustration of how a person, as a child, can set beliefs that run well into adulthood. Jeunet illustrates this very simply at the beginning of the movie by showing how Amelie’s feeling of being close with a person (the whole heartbeat increase when touched) is bad and could kill her. Do any of you have experiences like that?

Okey dokey… What did you think? So very excited to hear your thoughts!!!!



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