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Last Chance!

September 30, 2008

Just reminding you ladies that Oct. 1st is the final date for submissions for the GBD Teen Board of Directors!!! So send in your creations. Anything that shows why you would be great for the position! I am getting a lot of feedback re: the vague-ness of the submission request. There is no right or wrong way, just do what you are inspired to do! In our education system, things are so rule-bound and specific, I think that this really open request encourages a more true expression. Try not to think too much about what we want, ‘cuz we aren’t looking for specifics, we are looking at your creations.

Thank you to those of you who have already submitted, beautiful work darlings!




Calling All Ladies! sort of…

September 18, 2008

Okay. So exciting times! We here at GBD are looking for a passionate and committed group of teen females to be our Teen Board of Directors. Now, this will require a wee bit of responsibility and time… As in: you are able to respond to e-mails promptly and are willing to meet on-line (Skype, forum, chat, etc) twice a month. But the fun stuff will be soooo worth it! heehee.

Girls will get to be an integrial part of building the company. They will be a part of testing, giving feedback on company ideas as well as generating ideas and helping GBD stay in touch with the ever changing needs of the teen market.

Here is your challenge should you wish to play: Send us a creation of ANY kind (anything that can be sent via e-mail) that shows us you are the kind of person who we would love to have as a voice in our company! Woot! We are so excited to hear from you. E-mail to! Due Date: October 1st!


Kristin and Kendra