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I’m Baaack!

January 8, 2009

Hey Ladies!

I just returned from our first annual “Wild Women’s Adventure” in Ecuador. Four of us girls spent a few weeks in the Galapagos, Andes and Amazon… Really one of the best trips of my life. Due, I think, to the company more so than any environment. Between the 4 of us we have 112 years, 1 baby, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 husband, 1 engagement, 2 masters degrees, 4 very different histories and a lot of giggles. I found these women to be such a great source of inspiration and insight. We each have such very different lives but such similar values.

Highlights…in no particular order:

1) Blue footed boobies!!

2) Iguana fights.

3) New Year’s 12-grape ceremony (each grape represents one thing we want to bring into our 2009), Bangra dancing and effigy burning (the effigies represent those things we want to eliminate from the previous year) in the streets of Quito.

4) Horseback riding at the Cotopaxi volcano. so. fricking. amazing.

5) Random town rodeo in the Andes!! Lots of sugar cane liquor drunk people, injured horse fixing by said drunk people… but with such beautiful care and community, back empanadas with the locals, dancing with said drunk people to “Carraway, carraway”, and struggling to breath due to the altitude.

6) The sunset at Otovalo.

7) The markets, people, shopping, and general loveliness of a great and massive open-air market.

8) The weird Shaman in the Andes. More precisely, the hysterical and inappropriate laughter while he was spitting %90 alcohol and geranium down our friend’s shirt.

9) The drive over the Andes and down into the jungle.

10) The canoe, and subsequent hike into the jungle.

11) The community we saw in the jungle.

12) The really beautiful Shamanic ceremony we had. One of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.

13) The knowledge I gained about the politics of Ecuador, and especially politics of the jungle.

Happy 2009!