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Forum! by: popular demand.

September 9, 2008

As there have been many requests, we have opened a forum just for you GBD’ers. Now, there are some frustrations, well mainly one: you must log onto and then go the forum and register to the forum ALSO. It only takes a few minutes though. Yay! Good times in forum-land ladies.



New Featured Sexy 7!

August 2, 2008

Go check out Lena’s Sexy 7 HERE!

Ummm… I cut off all my hair!

July 28, 2008


I am assuming there are a few of you who are wanting to murder me at this precise moment… Now, deep breaths, it will grow back at some point. And I think it is pretty darn cute.

For three years I have been wanting to cut my hair. It’s been long for about 15 bloody years. If I had not been working on a television series I would have cut it a while ago. I suppose this is kind of an expression of freedom, haha. Us gals tend to have so much tied up in hair. There is like this emotional attachment to it, and it is apparently a REALLY big deal to cut it all off…in one go. I had a plethora or offers to come with, to document, and I just went in there on my own and Sarah (she is the key hairstylist on Smallville, and is freakin rad) tied it in a ponytail and sawed the sucker off…

And now I have short hair. It feels really different. My head feels different. Washing my hair this morning was by far the strangest experience I have had in a while… Like, there is no hair there. And there was before. And now there isn’t. Really weird. And yoga was fun with no hair. And I can feel the wind rush through, and the sun hit the nape of my neck, and my head feels LIGHT. I am experiencing the world in a new way. Really that is how I feel about this new phase in my life.

Apart from my family, Smallville is the longest relationship I have been in. 7+ years. And it has now pretty much ended. The decisions I am making now are a reflection of where I am in my 20’s. GBD is my primary commitment at this point, as well as my relationships. I have got to admit that it is really strange to not walk into that studio every week. But, there is a whole world of new shizznat that I now have the opportunity to choose. I can grab the proverbial hair goo of life and play… I told you all last week. I am sappy.



p.s. I have never used hair goo until now. I actually need to style my hair now. Oh, the possibilities….

Movie Madness Mondays

July 21, 2008

America FerreraWe had movie night here at GBD Central, which was good times… Our inaugural Movie Monday movie was “Real Women Have Curves”. Firstly, America Ferrera is so lovely! We had seen her in travelling pants and she was really sweet in that too. Since this isn’t really a traditional review, we aren’t going to get into the details of our artistic evaluation of the movie.

This character’s mother was pretty intense. Like VERY intense. The lengths to which she went to get her daughter to do what she wanted was kinda devastating…and yet hilarious(really these behaviours are kinda funny when you aren’t making them into too much). Yet one of us, who shall remain nameless, was like, “This is like watching my day to day…” I think a lot of parents use the guilt factor on their kids at some point. You know the whole, “But I have sacrificed so much” or “Look at everything I have done for you!” And honestly, I think they are doing their best and trying to keep us safe. So in this story our lovely lady chooses to pursue her ambitions without her mother’s consent. That isn’t always easy. And to do it without being defiant, doing it understanding why she wants something and going after it because she values it. I know I have done a lot of shizznat that my parents haven’t liked, and sometimes the thing WAS destructive and sometimes it wasn’t. Ultimately though, it was so important for me to begin to understand why I would do or not do something for myself. Like, when America’s character goes to work in the factory with her sister, she chose to leave based on an understanding of the importance of school for her. Not so much that she didn’t want to be like her family.

BUT we did tire of the mopey mopey… Translation for those of you who do not speak “Kristin-speak”: she pouted A LOT. Now, we get that the whole situation was not so ideal, but we think it is possible to go out there and enjoy life. Yes, even when our mothers are uber-intense. Not to say we never feel like indulging ourselves with the mopey-mopey, we do. But we do think we can live our lives and create our ambitions experiencing adversity and not pouting. What do you ladies think?

The other thing we were intrigued by was the idea of defiance and weight. The speech with her mother over to eat or not eat the flan was almost exactly what Tabby was speaking of in “Defy,Defy, Defy”. Really curious about your thoughts on all that!! If we truly loved ourselves, would this even come into play?

Ultimately, most (if not all) human beings are beautiful. And to me, that is far from physical. If we were to go all Eckhart Tolle on you, beauty is a reflection of the essence of life. Which we all embody. We get so caught up in the surface of things. I am too skinny, Tabby is too fat… I play Lana Lang, Tabby is a Chloe fan. Underneath it all, how am I? How are you? If you were to die tomorrow and reflect upon life what would think was REALLY important. You are all beautiful.

And yes, I am sappy… I admit it. But not “The Notebook” sappy. More like “Amelie” sappy.

Okay, so Bianca (aka Binks) sent us about 5 million movie recommendations…Thanks Dude, so many to choose from. Kendra is very very very interested in watching, “A League of Their Own.” It is old school, but fun. So that is the movie this week little darlings! Enjoy the cheese.


Written by Kristin (but brains stormed together)

It IS Easy Being Green!

July 13, 2008

A friend of ours has always spoken so highly of Emily, and we think that what she is doing is really rad… Sustaining our environment is something most of us value, but we don’t always know how to go about doing it. In the immortal words of NKotB, (for those younger than me– New Kids on the Block, who are attempting a come-back as we write this) “Step by step, oooo ba-a-by…” Yes, I am THAT cool. So check out the video, and feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and questions… To vote for Emily, go to!

muah, muah