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Let’s Get Together

September 23, 2008

There is something special when women come together. It is such a comfortable, warm and truly inspiring experience. About 15 ladies got together last night at my place, and it was soooo beautiful. We ate, chatted, avoided stepping on the dog, and really just hung out. A lot of our time was spent introducing each other and sharing why we value and love the ladies we brought with us… There were some tears. Okay, a lot of tears. haha… we are such girls. I love it…

So we had Kendra and her belly, which is having plenty of movement these days. K is such a fabulous lady. She has a drive and determination that is very powerful. She talks a lot about being afraid all the time, which is something I do experience with her, but I also see her taking these great chances. I mean the woman has chosen to have a baby and build this company. At the same time. That is pretty balls.

And Tabby was there as well… I see Tabs as a girl who has gone through a lot of shite and has chosen to create a positive and productive life. She left her life (and kitty) in L.A. and came to Vancouver in like two days…okay slight exaggeration, but still. Tabby has a really lovely girlish energy, combo-ed with an ability to call code “beautiful”.

Allie-mack is one of my dearest friends. She has been an inspiration to me in her ability to be open, and to translate her passions to others in a way that they get passionate too. Allison is so great at bringing people together to create. And her commitment to help others is something that we share. I have so enjoyed spending these years of my life in her presence.

And my dear friend Rose… Who to me is the embodiment of woman. She is a pillar of strength and a force of female-ness. Intelligent, holistic and ultimately compassionate… I see so much of the type of woman I want to be. Rose-y is now a beautiful mother of a seven month old girl, and this seems to have brought out a vulnerability in her that I hadn’t experienced before. She is truly amazing…

These are just a few of the wonderful gals that were present. And I say this because I think that it would be so lovely for all of you to get a group of your girlfriends together, learn about each other, connect, share your experiences… That is essentially what GBD is about: bringing females together. I believe that women have an important perspective to offer the world. Now, this isn’t about the exclusion of men, it’s about the focus on female. With men around I think it is more challenging for girls to just be girls. But the more I embrace my female-ness, the more I can appreciate and love men… and other women for that matter. So, get a few or a lot of your gal friends together, and spend time together with the focus on female-ness. And share your experience with us!!!



Calling All Ladies! sort of…

September 18, 2008

Okay. So exciting times! We here at GBD are looking for a passionate and committed group of teen females to be our Teen Board of Directors. Now, this will require a wee bit of responsibility and time… As in: you are able to respond to e-mails promptly and are willing to meet on-line (Skype, forum, chat, etc) twice a month. But the fun stuff will be soooo worth it! heehee.

Girls will get to be an integrial part of building the company. They will be a part of testing, giving feedback on company ideas as well as generating ideas and helping GBD stay in touch with the ever changing needs of the teen market.

Here is your challenge should you wish to play: Send us a creation of ANY kind (anything that can be sent via e-mail) that shows us you are the kind of person who we would love to have as a voice in our company! Woot! We are so excited to hear from you. E-mail to! Due Date: October 1st!


Kristin and Kendra

New Featured Sexy 7!

August 2, 2008

Go check out Lena’s Sexy 7 HERE!


July 30, 2008

A few weeks ago we featured Emily Jubenvill, the really lovely green girl. Well, she was up for the “Greenest Person on the Planet” award. It is our pleasure to let all you ladies know that she is in the top 5 worldwide and has achieved the honor of being the greenest person in Canada! Woohoo! In case there some of you who are not wanting to search for the previous post about Emily, I have embedded her Youtube video again… some of you, meaning primarily me.

AND here is a link to an article about Emily’s win…

New Featured Sexy 7!

July 21, 2008

Check out the new feature by Marie Andree! Click

Movie Madness Mondays

July 21, 2008

America FerreraWe had movie night here at GBD Central, which was good times… Our inaugural Movie Monday movie was “Real Women Have Curves”. Firstly, America Ferrera is so lovely! We had seen her in travelling pants and she was really sweet in that too. Since this isn’t really a traditional review, we aren’t going to get into the details of our artistic evaluation of the movie.

This character’s mother was pretty intense. Like VERY intense. The lengths to which she went to get her daughter to do what she wanted was kinda devastating…and yet hilarious(really these behaviours are kinda funny when you aren’t making them into too much). Yet one of us, who shall remain nameless, was like, “This is like watching my day to day…” I think a lot of parents use the guilt factor on their kids at some point. You know the whole, “But I have sacrificed so much” or “Look at everything I have done for you!” And honestly, I think they are doing their best and trying to keep us safe. So in this story our lovely lady chooses to pursue her ambitions without her mother’s consent. That isn’t always easy. And to do it without being defiant, doing it understanding why she wants something and going after it because she values it. I know I have done a lot of shizznat that my parents haven’t liked, and sometimes the thing WAS destructive and sometimes it wasn’t. Ultimately though, it was so important for me to begin to understand why I would do or not do something for myself. Like, when America’s character goes to work in the factory with her sister, she chose to leave based on an understanding of the importance of school for her. Not so much that she didn’t want to be like her family.

BUT we did tire of the mopey mopey… Translation for those of you who do not speak “Kristin-speak”: she pouted A LOT. Now, we get that the whole situation was not so ideal, but we think it is possible to go out there and enjoy life. Yes, even when our mothers are uber-intense. Not to say we never feel like indulging ourselves with the mopey-mopey, we do. But we do think we can live our lives and create our ambitions experiencing adversity and not pouting. What do you ladies think?

The other thing we were intrigued by was the idea of defiance and weight. The speech with her mother over to eat or not eat the flan was almost exactly what Tabby was speaking of in “Defy,Defy, Defy”. Really curious about your thoughts on all that!! If we truly loved ourselves, would this even come into play?

Ultimately, most (if not all) human beings are beautiful. And to me, that is far from physical. If we were to go all Eckhart Tolle on you, beauty is a reflection of the essence of life. Which we all embody. We get so caught up in the surface of things. I am too skinny, Tabby is too fat… I play Lana Lang, Tabby is a Chloe fan. Underneath it all, how am I? How are you? If you were to die tomorrow and reflect upon life what would think was REALLY important. You are all beautiful.

And yes, I am sappy… I admit it. But not “The Notebook” sappy. More like “Amelie” sappy.

Okay, so Bianca (aka Binks) sent us about 5 million movie recommendations…Thanks Dude, so many to choose from. Kendra is very very very interested in watching, “A League of Their Own.” It is old school, but fun. So that is the movie this week little darlings! Enjoy the cheese.


Written by Kristin (but brains stormed together)

Hello world!

June 24, 2008

What do you get when you connect a former world of warcraft player with a recluse and crazy person? The staff of Girls by Design! Hi all! Here’s our formal welcome to our official Girls by Design Company Blog! See how formal we are!?

So, now that you’re here and reading this wonderful piece of work, we shall let you know what to expect and what not to expect.

You SHOULD expect the following from this blog:

  • Some geek fun in the sun: Tabby’s specialty! This will be lots of geek talk about making websites, World of Warcraft, Southpark, Family Guy, Simpsons, Convention talk, podcasts, Apple and its amazing products, being a geeky girl in a geeky world, robots and finally, monkies.
  • Fun semi-daily writing exercises: Join Kristin, Tabby and their friend, Ariella in daily writing exercises. These exercises will be posted on a semi-daily basis (provided we have time to do them ourselves) and we want to encourage all of our readers to participate in them! We’ll post the guidelines, our own pieces, and then leave the comments open for your own contributions. We TOTALLY are excited to share this with you and express with you!
  • New, fun, and inspiring adventures of Team Girls By Design: Kendra will have a few surprises up her sleeve about new adventures.
  • Super Adventures of Team (IM)Maturity: Follow the fun adventures of any of the original eight teen girls who came together to form GbD’s FIRST workshop. These will be special treats posted occasionally, you know, when they get around to doing it!
  • A dash of crazy sauce: Does this really need an explanation?!

So what you SHOULDN’T expect is:

  • This to resemble any part of what the actual final website will be like: This is just us having fun while we work! Have fun with us!
  • Serious discussion for more than one entry in a row: There’s a time for seriousness. Rarely will we use this blog during that time.
  • Rules: We don’t like them either! Well, okay, there’s one rule… respect each other! We’ll remove disrespectful posts. OTHERWISE YAY FREEDOM.

Alright! Let’s get this party started! See you during the next writing assignment!
Tabby (and um… everyone else!)