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Movie Madness Mondays: Erin Brochovich

September 15, 2008

You all know the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going?” Sometimes it seems as if life gets hard… really hard. There’s these moments when you’re going going going and suddenly you find yourself running full force into a brick wall. And then what? How do you overcome that? What tools do you need in order to break down the wall and continue on?

That’s what “Erin Brockovich” really seems to be about… a woman who realized that she was, indeed, powerful enough to overcome her obstacles given the perfect motivation. We get an understanding that prior to the start of the story, Erin had set her life up in a way that seemed impossible to grow beyond. Her actions seemed to reflect a complete victimhood status of a woman with no power to change her life and no direction whatsoever. It reminds me a bit of how often times loud-mouth people or people who seem overly scary are often hiding this really meek and vulnerable side of them, protecting it. This movie seems to be what happens when you start to understand the inner workings of that meek and vulnerable side and start to smooth that out and build it into something more powerful.

As the movie goes on, we initially see this woman who seems to bulldoze anyone¬† It isn’t until she is personally moved and/or motivated that her entire world changes. When she takes on the case involving the utility company, she initially tries to just bulldoze through that as well. Once she actually gets a grasp on the people involved in the case and the pain that they’re going through, she starts to get a deeper understanding of herself and what she feels is unjust and unethical. Just as we see Erin begin to learn more about herself and her passions, we watch as she unfolds this inner-Erin and her life begins to transform. She goes after what she knows is the just thing to go after and as she chases these ideologies that she’s discovered within her, there is this ever changingness about her entire personality. We see her values shift as she moves primarily from a woman expecting the world to change her, to creating change in her world. We see a determined woman who has to learn to balance her passions with her children and love interest. In addition to all of these other things, however, we also see her learn to use her… um… assets in much more useful ways.

I think that there’s a lot to take from this movie, especially if you’re feeling as if there’s no where left to go but up. It can be an encouraging story for you to find a passion and go after it, building the value of yourself up.

Here’s some questions to ponder: The methods that Erin used before her venture into the research of the local utility company, PG & E, seem to be employed by many in our world today. What do you all think of these methods and how powerful do they seem in a normal every-day situation? Contrast that to the methods that Erin used, if any different, after she discovered this common link with disease and sickness amongst the community (the commonality being the utility company practices). What do you think of these methods and their power? What is, in actuality, different between the two types?