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I’m Baaack!

January 8, 2009

Hey Ladies!

I just returned from our first annual “Wild Women’s Adventure” in Ecuador. Four of us girls spent a few weeks in the Galapagos, Andes and Amazon… Really one of the best trips of my life. Due, I think, to the company more so than any environment. Between the 4 of us we have 112 years, 1 baby, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 husband, 1 engagement, 2 masters degrees, 4 very different histories and a lot of giggles. I found these women to be such a great source of inspiration and insight. We each have such very different lives but such similar values.

Highlights…in no particular order:

1) Blue footed boobies!!

2) Iguana fights.

3) New Year’s 12-grape ceremony (each grape represents one thing we want to bring into our 2009), Bangra dancing and effigy burning (the effigies represent those things we want to eliminate from the previous year) in the streets of Quito.

4) Horseback riding at the Cotopaxi volcano. so. fricking. amazing.

5) Random town rodeo in the Andes!! Lots of sugar cane liquor drunk people, injured horse fixing by said drunk people… but with such beautiful care and community, back empanadas with the locals, dancing with said drunk people to “Carraway, carraway”, and struggling to breath due to the altitude.

6) The sunset at Otovalo.

7) The markets, people, shopping, and general loveliness of a great and massive open-air market.

8) The weird Shaman in the Andes. More precisely, the hysterical and inappropriate laughter while he was spitting %90 alcohol and geranium down our friend’s shirt.

9) The drive over the Andes and down into the jungle.

10) The canoe, and subsequent hike into the jungle.

11) The community we saw in the jungle.

12) The really beautiful Shamanic ceremony we had. One of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.

13) The knowledge I gained about the politics of Ecuador, and especially politics of the jungle.

Happy 2009!





December 30, 2008


May your 26th year be filled with love, joy, happiness, and lots of wonderfulness and gooey goodness! And more kick-ass haircuts!

Kendra, Tabby, Marianne, Kathy, and pretty much the rest of the world!

PS. this is the entry for you all to post your birthday wishes to Kristin! YAY!

Movie Madness Mondays!

September 26, 2008

Let’s Get Together

September 23, 2008

There is something special when women come together. It is such a comfortable, warm and truly inspiring experience. About 15 ladies got together last night at my place, and it was soooo beautiful. We ate, chatted, avoided stepping on the dog, and really just hung out. A lot of our time was spent introducing each other and sharing why we value and love the ladies we brought with us… There were some tears. Okay, a lot of tears. haha… we are such girls. I love it…

So we had Kendra and her belly, which is having plenty of movement these days. K is such a fabulous lady. She has a drive and determination that is very powerful. She talks a lot about being afraid all the time, which is something I do experience with her, but I also see her taking these great chances. I mean the woman has chosen to have a baby and build this company. At the same time. That is pretty balls.

And Tabby was there as well… I see Tabs as a girl who has gone through a lot of shite and has chosen to create a positive and productive life. She left her life (and kitty) in L.A. and came to Vancouver in like two days…okay slight exaggeration, but still. Tabby has a really lovely girlish energy, combo-ed with an ability to call code “beautiful”.

Allie-mack is one of my dearest friends. She has been an inspiration to me in her ability to be open, and to translate her passions to others in a way that they get passionate too. Allison is so great at bringing people together to create. And her commitment to help others is something that we share. I have so enjoyed spending these years of my life in her presence.

And my dear friend Rose… Who to me is the embodiment of woman. She is a pillar of strength and a force of female-ness. Intelligent, holistic and ultimately compassionate… I see so much of the type of woman I want to be. Rose-y is now a beautiful mother of a seven month old girl, and this seems to have brought out a vulnerability in her that I hadn’t experienced before. She is truly amazing…

These are just a few of the wonderful gals that were present. And I say this because I think that it would be so lovely for all of you to get a group of your girlfriends together, learn about each other, connect, share your experiences… That is essentially what GBD is about: bringing females together. I believe that women have an important perspective to offer the world. Now, this isn’t about the exclusion of men, it’s about the focus on female. With men around I think it is more challenging for girls to just be girls. But the more I embrace my female-ness, the more I can appreciate and love men… and other women for that matter. So, get a few or a lot of your gal friends together, and spend time together with the focus on female-ness. And share your experience with us!!!



My new bum-sniffing friend…

September 12, 2008

The awesome new addition to our family! He is too cool… I only had rabbits growing up, and my poor father ended up taking care of them, so this puppy is a really crazy experience. There is a whole new heartbeat in the house, and a whole lot of snorting. Like seriously, you would think there was a pig here! He is going to be a pretty big Frenchie… Right now he is 4 and a half months, and his paws are freakin huge, and he is already bigger than Kernie (Kendra’s dog and GBD mascot–BTW it is Kernie’s B-day today, Happy 5th)!

We haven’t named our little guy yet… What do you ladies (and gentlemen) think we should call him?




September 10, 2008

Hi Team!

I was told stories since before I was born. Once I learned to read I never stopped. I was that oh-so-cool kid who broke the rules by hiding under my covers past bedtime with a flashlight reading. I read out loud to my sister and my cousins ALL the time. And now I am an actor. Human stories, stories of humans. Who we are, why we are, how we can be better… Finding the honesty and the depth in all types of people and experiences. I love that stuff. So when I watched this I got soooo excited. What beautiful ways to share and collect the stories we are already telling. What creative ways can you peeps think up to share your stories?? Perhaps we could create something together… Thoughts?


Newsday Tuesdays: Perhaps Death Is Proud; More Reason to Savor Life

September 9, 2008

This article from the NY Times talks about death, and the importance of truly living our lives.

Have any of you experienced death? What was it like for you? Did it change your perception of living?

Okay– the link: NY Times

Ciao Bellas!


Genes are Fun! no… really

August 21, 2008

A few weeks ago I FedEx’ed a sample of my saliva to a bunch of people I do not know. And I am sooo excited to hear back. As some of you may know, I am one of the lucky folks who checks the “other” box when filling out documents asking what my ethnicity is. In basic terms my ancestors come from Holland, Indonesia, China and Jamaica. I am pretty sure my whitey side is all Dutch but I am slightly fuzzy about my mother’s peeps. Coming from this diverse genetic pool has always fascinated me… In Bio class in high school, whenever we did the Mendel shtuff I would get so excited (Nerd! Nerd!). So when I read that normal civilian-types could pay to get their genome, I was like, woot!woot! When it’s done I will share some of my discoveries and give you gals all the details about the company and how it’s all done! To tide you over, I am embedding a video from my beloved TED. Hope you all enjoy!



Movie Madness Mondays: Amelie

August 18, 2008

Ummm… I love this movie. Like, a lot. I love the color, the quirky-ness of the story, the way Jeunet introduces each of his characters, I love her, I love the little gnome (I gave one of those to my dad after I did “Snow White”–they are so bloody fantastic), I freaking LOVE Paris, the music is so beautiful… I will refrain from making a complete list as I think that would be a wee bit tedious for all of you. The point is: I love this movie.

When I first saw Amelie I was in a period of great change in my life. In Amelie I saw a lot of myself: her enjoyment of “little things”, her imagination as well as her struggle to connect with people. To me this is a beautiful story of blossoming. What does it take for a person to decide to overcome a fear? What does it take for a person to open up and to live more fully, with more presence?

For me, at that point in my life, it was a recognition while I was traveling in Nepal that I was not living my life the way I wanted… I was so fearful of simply expressing myself and connecting deeply with others. And while I watched the Nepali people (especially the children), and while expelling whatever little bug had made it’s way into my system during my trek on the Annapurna circuit, I was like, “Dude… really? You’re really going to be afraid your whole life?” And I went home and I started to go out and build friendships, I began the process of understanding that my focus on helping others was also a distraction from my self, I began a relationship, started to buy clothes other than fleece and jeans and changed some of the way I had been. Obviously it was only the inspiration to change things, I can continue to choose to evolve myself or not. To overcome fears takes effort. I really see all of this in Amelie and her journey to herself.

Another thing I love about the film is the illustration of how a person, as a child, can set beliefs that run well into adulthood. Jeunet illustrates this very simply at the beginning of the movie by showing how Amelie’s feeling of being close with a person (the whole heartbeat increase when touched) is bad and could kill her. Do any of you have experiences like that?

Okey dokey… What did you think? So very excited to hear your thoughts!!!!



PS This weeks movie has been picked and will be reviewed by the fabulous Mari Hunter, “Mean Girls”

If you too would like to pick a movie and do a review email us an you could be chosen next 🙂

Movie Madness Mondays!

August 4, 2008

“Memoirs of a Geisha”

Interested to see what you all have to say about this… I have not read the book, so I am only basing my thoughts on the movie.

To me this movie was, above all things, visually stunning. It was so beautifully shot, lit and painted that were I to mute the whole thing and watch the images, that would have been enough. So apart from all my thoughts on story, character, acting, ect., there were some interesting parts of female-ness that were explored. The truth of the story is both sad to me and a true reflection of our history as females.

Beauty, youth, and virginity (or alternatively aggressive sexuality) have been a valuable commodity for what seems like a large part of our history. In the old days I imagine it was the best thing for survival of our species, a freshly come-of-age girl at the beginning of her child-bearing years… Worth a lot. So what about now? I wonder if we continue in these same ways ( as well as with much more subtle methods), to link our worth to others?

It’s funny to me that women I know in their mid/late 30’s and 40’s consistently state that those are the best years of their lives so far. How happy they are to have moved through their teens and 20’s when their major commodity, primarily through their own perception, was their youth/sexual desirability. There seems to be a kind of internal shift for them, they seem to no longer view themselves through such narrow lenses, and allow themselves to blossom. Is it even possible for us to take this step earlier in our development, or is it simply a part of our passage as females?

So… that is what I was thinking while watching the movie. At times I think I am a bit random. What did you gals get out of the movie?? Excited to hear your thoughts!

NEXT WEEK: “JUNO“! We do like this movie a lot… Tabby will be in charge next Monday, so fun times are certain to follow!