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Men’s Magazines?

November 27, 2008

My Darlings!

It has been so long since I wrote last… Been working my tush off in TV-Land. And since it is American Thanksgiving, I have got a few days.

I am being approached to do some press for my new film Street Fighter, which comes out late February. There is a specific Men’s Magazine that I am being asked to do the cover of, and I have always turned down these offers in recent years. This magazine reaches a very large male demographic, which is important for the success of the film. I have my own personal hypotheses about what the effects these magazines are on both the male perspective of female, and on the general objectification of women. And I understand that I can only see what I can see… duh. So, I am wondering about your experiences with men’s magazines and what you think is positive or negative about them. What do you think is valuable about them, and what do you think is destructive? And what are your opinions on how to reach that important young male demographic without utilizing these resources?

Excited to discuss with you all!!!