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Baby: HypnoBirthing

August 17, 2008

My first mistake was searching online for birth videos and coming across some very scary examples!…I found myself watching these videos and crying my eyes out in fear of when the time would come for me to push a basketball out a hole the size of a quarter. Videos featured cutting, ripping, stretching, forceps and green masked people hovering over women screaming in pain.

Yes…women give birth everyday…BUT, have you ever REALLY seen it?.

Honestly, I was genuinely terrified, these videos are raw, real and probably the best form of birth control out there. So maybe teens should see these videos…or maybe not, I don’t believe in the fear factor, just reality. (hahaha does that comment even make sense?)…lol.

However that being said, I couldn’t believe this was the only way. This in not the kind of birth I wanted to experience, nor do I want my baby to experience!

Is what you see in movies true to the human experience? This thought was horrifying to me…There had to be another way, was it really all about pain, drugs, c-sections and fear, ripping the arm off your husband?

Then a dear friend of mine who recently had her first baby shared her experience of HypnoBirthing with me.

Hypno What? ya HypnoBirthing…have you heard about this…HypnoBirthing thing? This was a first for me too.

It sounds amazing, you and your partner learn together as a team. Your partner, as your supporter, is there to help you find a very deep state of relaxation, through positive thinking, breathing and visualization during the birth of the baby.

You are sooo deeply relaxed that you literally breathe the baby down the birth canal and gently into the world, quietly peacefully and lovingly…NO SCREAMING, NO PANIC, NO DRUGS, NO PAIN!…Yup sign me up!

Skeptical? Ummmm….ya…of course…who wouldn’t be? Painless childbirth? Is there such thing? Well, we are going to find out together ladies!…I am going to remain open minded and open hearted to this new experience and share with you what I find out. Think of me as the detective or guinea pig whichever you find most amusing ☺

It seems to me that childbirth is not an event to be feared; it is a natural expression of life that women have been experiencing since the beginning of time.

It makes sense to me that the Mongan Method says, “that when we release the fear, a fear that is keeping the body tense and closed, we will experience gentle birth”.

If you want more info…please check out

Here is a very gentle animated video showing how a baby naturally moves down the birth canal and into the world. Animated Child Birth.

Let me know what you ladies think, I would love to hear your thoughts:)