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Movie Madness Monday: Mamma Mia!

January 12, 2009
Ok, so…based on the responses from last week’s post, it seems that y’all really like Mamma Mia!, and that is totally cool.  But just so you know, I probably won’t be inspired to review a movie unless I can poke fun at it.  So if you, like, really REALLY love Mamma Mia! and can’t stand to see other people criticize it in any way, then I think this post might make you want to throw a shoe at me.  😉
End of Warning.
First, let me say that me and musicals?  Not so much.  Never really was.  My brain hasn’t yet evolved to the degree necessary to appreciate musicals.  I can either dig the music, or understand the words, but if I try to do both on the first listen, my brain gets scrambled and I lose interest.
Also, the other thing?  People going about their day-to-day, then randomly breaking out into song and dance is kind of, um, awkward.  I mean, if I walk into a Starbucks and order a coffee, and the Starbucks person suddenly belts out in a soprano voice, “Whaaaaaat siiiiiiiize would you liiiiiiike?”, and, after taking a few seconds to get over my initial shock, I reply, “Large” (because I refuse, REFUSE, to say “Venti”), to which the Starbucks person responds by doing a double-twirl, followed by a leap and a high-kick, then belts out again in the soprano, “Wooooooould you liiiiiiiiike a receeeeeeeeeipt?”…I mean, c’mon…that’s awkward.  How am I supposed to react to that?
Despite all that, I will grudgingly admit that I was entertained by Mamma Mia! All I knew about the story came from the trailer.  The only reason I went to go watch it in the first place was that Meryl Streep was in it.  That woman could do an ad for partially digested dog food and I’d probably buy it.  And I don’t even have a dog.
Anyway, it turns out that those ABBA songs are pretty catchy.  Lots of people singing and dancing.  I may have nodded off a bit during the ballads.  But whatever.  Still good fun.
For those wondering what the story is about…there’s this girl who’s about to get married, and she wants her father to be at her wedding.  Except she’s never met her father.  But luckily for her, she is nosy and her mom kept a diary.  So the girl finds out that she has three potential daddies, and secretly invites all three men to this Greek island, where her mom runs an inn and where the wedding will be held.  All three men show up, thinking their former flame (the mom) invited them.  Drama and hijinks ensue.
And I’d like to clarify that by “drama,” I’m referring to the kind that is maybe a notch or two above the death of your pet rock, maybe on par with breaking a nail, definitely below the heart-crushing realization that some soulless demon ate the last piece of cake that you TOTALLY spent the past half-hour daydreaming about.  Because the two main sources of drama in this movie come from 1) the mom, who is going through some sort of mid-life crisis, complaining that her life has been spent working in a place that looks like this:
…and that she’s being wooed by a man who looks like this:
(Pierce Brosnan)
…and 2) from the daughter, who, on top of dealing with three potential fathers as opposed to, say, none, also has to decide whether she should marry the man she loves – a guy who is head-over-heels in love with her and looks like this:
dominic-cooper (Dominic Cooper)
…OR not marry the guy and STILL BE WITH HIM.  The hardship this girl is faced with.  It’s enough to make you forget about world hunger.
But you know what?  All kidding aside, I totally understand where these women are coming from.  It just so happens that right now, I’m having a really tough time deciding whether I should buy a black Bentley,…
…to match my hair, or a white one,…
…to match my smile.
Life’s a struggle, but we shall overcome.
Oh!  I almost forgot.  The reason I wrote this review in the first place.  I read a blurb recently about how Mamma Mia! is now the top grossing film of all time in Britain, beating even Titanic and other major blockbusters.  It’s on track to earning $600 billion worldwide.  When Meryl Streep was asked about that, she said:
No one writes about the fact this movie was bigger than the Quantum of Solace.  It doesn’t get the press, partly because it is perceived as a woman’s movie, but Mamma Mia! has buried, and I mean buried, all the conventional blockbusters.
Whaddya think about that, eh?
So that’s my two cents.  And what about your two cents ladies?  Who’s gonna write the next movie review?  In the meantime, I’ll work on reviews for The Tale of Despereaux and Doubt, both of which are still playing in theaters.  I think.  I will not make fun of Doubt.  In fact, if you haven’t yet seen Doubt, I really REALLY think you should go see it.  It’s really REALLY good.  I will, however, make fun of The Tale of Despereaux.  I know it’s a rated G kids’ movie, but I have no mercy.  Mwahahaha!
I can’t promise that the reviews will be up next week.  I’m actually hoping that one of you exceedingly wonderful examples of humanity will review something so that I can be off the hook.
I suppose I should include the trailers.  Fine.  But before I do, in case any of you were wondering where that island pictured above is…it is the Greek island of Skopelos, where Mamma Mia! was filmed.  And henceforth will probably get many, many curious tourists flocking to see how on earth Meryl Streep’s character could have endured such a hellhole.

The Tale of Despereaux trailer

Doubt trailer

Movie Madness Monday: Mamma Mia!

January 6, 2009

I’ll be reviewing “Mamma Mia!” next week.  I’ll post the trailer later.  Gotta run!

Movie Madness Mondays “MARLEY & ME”

December 29, 2008

Yo Yo Ladies!

Here is a Movie Review from the fabulous Taylor Nikole!

Heck ya! I am so pulling this review out spur of the moment! Although I will admit that writing it is totally worth it because this movie was soooo awesome… not to mention ninety-five percent of the people in the theatre were sobbing by the end of the movie. Usually I would laugh at this, but… uhh I was actually part of that ninety five percent. Yes, this movie was an absolute tear jerker. Lets just say, after this movie I went home and gave my doggies a big hug and lots of kisses.

Some people would say “gag me now” at the though of a ‘gushy’ movie, but dudes go see it! Like NOW! Okay thanks! I mean how often do you get a two love stories in one movie? Most of the time when there are two love stories… the story doesn’t end too well in one persons favor. You have the love story of a couple and the ‘love story’ that is ultimately created when the couple adopts their first puppy, Marley. In this movie everyone wins… yet at the same time loses, which may not sound exactly appealing to some, but it’s ultimately a story about learning (all about learning) to love, adjust, and give up what you love for the people/pets you care most about More than anything I thought this movie taught important life lessons (to me) and how each viewer interpreted this varies (although I still hope everyone who sees this movie takes something out of it).

I always like to put a little about the movie for the people who have heard nothing about the movie (yes there are people like that)… so here it goes:

Marley & Me follows the story of a married couple John Grogan and Jenny Vogt (Grogan) who move to South Florida after their wedding. Jenny has a plan set out, which she describes to John on their wedding night (mind you he is a man… therefore he freaks out, although for some reason I don’t blame him)… first there is finding the right guy, then there is getting married, after that there is moving to a warmer place (aka the reason why they moved to South Florida), next there is getting a job in the city, then find a house and last but not least pop out a couple kids and live happily ever after. Of course John is the good husband and wants to make his wife happy therefore he decides he might as wel try out the fathering business… but his best guy friend intervenes telling him that he should get her a puppy instead. He tells John that he won’t have to take care of it, Jenny will end up doing so and instead of becoming a lifeless family man he will become a master. John decides its better to go with the puppy idea (duh) and they get a puppy whom they nickname ‘clearance puppy’ since they got him for a flat rate of two hundred dollars opposed to his brothers and sisters who were about three hundred. Soon after they find out why he was the ‘clearance puppy’. Marley is the worst dog in the world and seemingly not trainable, which leads John to have great writing material for a ‘twice a week column’ which he inherits from a writer at his work.

I’ve said enough and you will have to go see it to hear the rest, because I am evil like that. Okay, and my life lesson(s) I took from the movie are ones that you could take from any story that involves a compassionate and caring relationship between family. First, I learned that although you may want to kill your family they are the best things that will ever happen to you… and will always be the ones staying by you through everything (cliché I know, but so true).Second, (and this is more personal) the most stupid and frustrating situations you come across with your family will always be the ones that you grow the most from… and will always be the ones laughed about and

remembered for years to come. And last but not least, always value what you have. This movie taught all of those lessons, it was about learning what you appreciate and valuing the relationships you have while you still have them (Aka value the present).

So here is my question to you guys (yes a question is necessary and a perfect spark for conversation):

Who/what do you value the most in life and what would you do and how would you feel if you knew before hand you were going to lose it/them?

(I feel a lot of the tears from the viewers had come from personal experience)

By the way guis… this book was based on a book written by the actual John Grogan (and not Owen Wilson). I’m definitely going to check that out on my next visit to the book store.


Taylor Nikole

Movie Madness Monday: Wall-E

December 16, 2008

When this movie first came out, Kristin went to see it and IMd me after it was over, totally awe-inspired by the movie. In fact, she said “wall-e is sooooo good!” I didn’t see it until recently after it came out on DVD and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree!

The movie was amazing considering there was probably like 20 lines of dialogue in the whole movie mostly consisting of “Wall-E” and “Eve.” The graphics work felt perfectly fit for the sci-fi nature of the film and “Eve’s” design felt like a real possibility. I’m such a geek!

More so than the cinemetography of the film, it’s also packed with a punch that’s easy to swallow. Okay, so it’s packed with multiple punches, starting with a love story reaching beyond differences, to environmental protection, to our ever-increasing ideology of a fast-food society and what that could mean when taken to an extreme. For me, one of the more poignant points was, indeed, the latter. It feels like citizens are always always looking for the absolutely most easiest route to take, and with the building of our technology, many are choosing to let technology do things that they could easily do. I’m totally guilty of this too. I’ve been in fast-food mode for the last couple of years and even on my diet my food has been what I consider “healthy” fast-food (hellllloooo Subway!). So now I’m thinking… what’s so bad about taking initiative and cooking, grocery shopping, and enjoying the fruits of my efforts in that way rather than running out to the nearest “healthy” fast-food place? I wonder if I’ll enjoy it more.

So, what stuck out for you?

Movie Madness Mondays – Cleopatra

December 1, 2008
At a most critical time in history, a young woman uses her brains and beauty to save her country from ruins. She is Cleopatra, the rightful heir to Egypt’s throne. Though history portrays Cleopatra as a manipulative ambitious woman who schemed her way to rule Egypt, as well as the Roman Empire, Cleopatra, the 1963 movie starring Elizabeth Taylor as the historical Queen of Egypt, gives heart and soul to the misunderstood ruler who wanted what was best for her country. Cleopatra, a lush epic movie, takes place right at the point where Caesar storms into Egypt and ends at her tragic death years later by a serpent’s poisonous bite. A classic “big” movie by all means, the movie is a scrumptious feast for the eyes in colors of gold, purple, and turquoise…colors known to be worn by royalty. Detailed ornate sets, elaborate costumes, and rich dialogue gives the film the feel of a well-acted stage play. A sympathetic portrayal of the doomed Queen, Taylor played Cleopatra as a level-headed intelligent young woman, wise beyond her years, and a capable leader equal to the greatest of men. She was noble, respected among world leaders, well-loved by her people, and was a full-bodied woman who made no apologies for being a woman. In other words, she was a woman’s woman and also a man’s woman…the original bombshell, who spoke 7 languages, was schooled in science and math, and “if she was not a woman, she would be considered an intellectual.”
I always felt Cleopatra was misunderstood. She was a strong woman born into royalty at a time when women were thought of as inferior to men. Because I wanted to show the vulnerable human side to the greatest woman leader in history, I portrayed a young innocent Cleopatra at age 17 in my tween fiction book, Lucy and the Beauty Queen. The book provided a slice of life view of a girl being transformed into the ruler of a powerful country immediately following the death of her father, the pharaoh. Despite a few critics telling me I’ve got Cleopatra all wrong…she was an evil wicked ambitious woman, I’m proud of sticking to my guns in portraying Cleopatra sympathetically, despite the critics and their view of Cleopatra. Although I didn’t go into as much detail as the movie, I did show how she was like any teenage girl her age out to experience adventure and love, but bonded by royal blood to do what is best for her people. Do you think if Cleopatra wasn’t born a girl, but a boy, she would have been written into history books as a brilliant political strategist and great ruler, rather than a manipulative woman who was more known for her remarkable allure and tragic love affairs with men? Do you think it is necessary and fair to see Cleopatra in a different perspective other than our world history books? If you were suddenly challenged to run your country at a time of civil unrest and possible war, would you and could you set aside your own dreams to do what is best for your people? Is it acceptable for women to be ambitious? Your thoughts?
Kailin (aka Victoria London)
This is a long movie at 4 hours so get a big bag of popcorn, or rather, a barrel lol!

Movie Madness Monday: Twilight

November 24, 2008
While watching this movie, I had a huge moment of satisfaction when I finally recognized who the vampire guy was.  He was the popular dude in one of the “Harry Potter” movies…the one who was going out with the Asian chick, then ended up dying.  I mean…he died, but not because he was dating an Asian chick.  Cuz, dude, that would’ve been awkward.
Anyway, I think it took me a while to recognize who he was because he was very pale in this movie.  Very pale.  And it looked like he was wearing lipstick the whole time.  Not that there’s anything wrong with guys wearing lipstick.  I live in New York for cryin’ out loud.  But I was wondering whether that was the “look” they were going for in the movie, or if he actually wears lipstick in the story.  You know…to maybe compensate for his paleness.  Or the fact that his skin, um, sparkles.  In the sunlight.  I think I must’ve missed that news bulletin on vampire skin.  Anyway, I can see how both of these dermatologic conditions could make someone feel self-conscious about his appearance.  But I have a single solution to both of these problems:  Spray. On. Tan.  Am I right, or am I right?  Maybe he’ll realize this in the sequel?  Poor guy.  I mean, the solution is so simple.
I also had another realization.  Young people nowadays have very different courting rituals from the ones I’m familiar with.  Apparently, nowadays, if you like a girl, you’re supposed to almost vomit in her presence, storm out of the room for fear of blowing chunks, cut class repeatedly to avoid her, then follow up that impressive display with sneaking into her bedroom at night to watch her sleep…not once, not twice, but for a couple months.  And if you’re the object of these affections, then these romantic overtures aren’t quite enough to make you swoon.  But hey…find out that the dude is actually a vampire and that it requires enormous willpower and every fiber of his being to resist eating you for dinner like a gigantic, rabid mosquito?  Whoooowhee!  THAT, my friends, is loooooooove with a capital L.
I gotta give the girl credit though…she meant it when she said that she was “irrevocably in love” with the vampire dude.  How else can you explain her giving up a perfectly good, NON-REFUNDABLE round-trip plane ticket to visit her mom just so she could go to prom with the guy?  Despite being coordinatorily-challenged when it comes to really complicated maneuvers, like walking?  And the fact that she had a cast on her leg?  To an event in which the primary activity is dancing?  Which normally requires two good legs?  Unless she can pop and lock like nobody’s business, but I didn’t see her do any popping or locking.  NON-REFUNDABLE ticket people!  Do you have any idea how much serious coin you need to drop to fly round-trip from Washington to Florida??
But you know what?  Who am I to judge?  Because in the end…what’s non-refundable airfare to a girl when she’s got non-refundable love?  😉

Hey Taylor Nikole!

November 21, 2008

Tag!  You’re it!  On behalf of the entire GBD community, I’d like to thank you for volunteering to write the review for “Twilight.”  I suppose I could’ve announced this in a more subtle fashion.  Maybe next time.

Also, apparently, I’m supposed to write a “Twilight” review as well.  Yup.  Tabby volunteered me.  So for those of you who were thinking that I was just kidding about the whole Tabby-world-domination thing…no, that’s really happening.  I don’t mind though.  As long as I get first dibs on North America.

So tune in this Monday, when you will get TWO movie reviews for the price of one!  Whoohoo!

Have a great weekend everybody!  🙂

MMM = MIA = Meh

November 19, 2008

You may have noticed that Movie Madness Monday has been Missing In Action for the past few weeks. The word “meh” has only recently entered my vocabulary, but I think that is the appropriate word to describe this unfortunate state of affairs. I’m sure Mari will correct me if I’m mistaken in my usage. 😉

Anyway, apparently Kendra thinks it’s more important to take care of her newborn son than to write a movie review, to which I say “Pfft!” As if Marcus were going anywhere. He just popped into this world! Where’s he gonna go? He’s a guy. He won’t even ask for directions.

Kristin is, I dunno, shooting a TV series or something. Apparently, this requires 14-16 hour days. You know what that means? That means there are still 8-10 hours left in the day to write a movie review! But I guess SOMEONE thinks it’s more important to use the remaining third of the day to do things like sleep. Or eat. Or, I dunno, breathe.

Tabby is off working on her master plan for world domination.  I approve of this.  I hope she remembers me when the time comes for her to pick a lieutenant.

And Mari…folks, can we please give poor Mari a break here?  She already wrote the review for “Gray Matters” not that long ago.  Plus, she’s a world-renowned expert in the use of the word “meh.”  She’s done enough.

So what to do?  Well, it has recently come to my attention that there’s a movie called “Twilight” coming out this week.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Apparently, it’s a very big deal.  Because apparently, it’s based on a book that’s, like, a worldwide phenomenon.  Dude…all I know is that there’s a guy who can run up trees or something, and he likes this girl, who likes him back, and there’s fighting.  And there’s supposed to be a werewolf?  But I didn’t see any werewolves in the preview, so I don’t know what that’s all about.

Am I clueless?  Absolutely.  But we’re not gonna review “Clueless”!  We’re gonna review “Twilight”!  Or rather…we were hoping that YOU hip and happenin’ gals would review “Twilight” because clearly, I haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on.  So help us show Movie Madness Monday some love ladies.  Who wants to review “Twilight”?  Come one, come all!  Whoohoo!

Movie Madness Mondays – The Others

October 30, 2008


Sooo…to stick in line with Halloween, I thought a great scary movie to watch over the weekend and review would be THE OTHERS! Check out the trailer gals….FREAKY!…maybe a good scary movie will scare me enough to get Extra Little (Big) to come on out of the womb. Tee hee!


Movie Madness Mondays “Imagine Me and You”

October 27, 2008

“You don’t know, you can never be sure, but you take the plunge anyway. Sure is for people who don’t know enough”. This is true on so many levels, but never more so when it comes to love. A friend of mine recently got married and when she was asked how can she be sure her husband is the one, she said that even though she just knows, sometimes she still has natural doubts. Even when we feel we’re sure about something, we can never control everything, especially matters of the heart. Imagine meeting your soul mate at your wedding, of all places!
Imagine Me & You explores what happens when your soul mate turns out to be someone you would never have imagined. After seeing Luce for the first time at her wedding, Rachel finds herself falling for her and is convinced she is the one. While her new husband Hector has done nothing wrong and seems to be a good guy, Rachel cannot escape the fact that Luce might actually be the one she is to spend the rest of her life with.
We often find ourselves in situations where we are confronted with new emotions and sometimes they can surprise us. Some of us might find it unfathomable to even consider falling for someone of the same sex and for some of us it doesn’t really matter. Loving someone is hard enough sometimes, but when something new adds to the complication, we find it hard to do admit to ourselves it is what we really want. In the film, Rachel is naturally reluctant to hurt her husband and decides to stay with him, despite her love for Luce. Out of love for Rachel, it is Hector who pushes Rachel to admit her feelings for Luce and leaves.
One of the hardest things we do every day is just being ourselves. No matter how frightening some things about ourselves seem to be, we should never be afraid to admit them. The movie does have a happy ending in a way, where Rachel finally embraces her new life with Luce and it seems to find her happiness. I did feel a little sorry for Hector, but it seems in the epilogue that he found his soul mate as well.
Imagine Me & You is a sweet film, and this from someone who doesn’t usually like romantic comedies. The movie is a love story, pure and simple and gives me, at least, hope for the future.