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August 26, 2008

This Tuesday is a special News Day! The below is not only a very interesting topic to discuss, but the article is written by a GBD member! Yippi! Now as much as I would love to tell you who this gal is, she would like to remain incognito 🙂 Oooo the mystery!

Have any of you heard of the Father-Daughter Purity Ball? It’s a ceremony for which fathers and daughters get dressed up to go dancing, and during which the fathers promise “to protect their daughters’ virtue until marriage.” The following article from Time Magazine describes one particular Father-Daughter Purity Ball, and goes into some of the history behind and the controversy surrounding these types of events. It also asks a bunch of questions, and all of us would LOVE to hear what your thoughts are on any of those, or any of these;

· What does “Teen Girl Purity” mean to YOU? Is it just about virginity or is there more to it than that?

· Do you think purity balls are a good idea? Would you attend one?

· When it comes to parenting teenage girls, how do you think the role of the father differs from that of the mother, or is there a difference at all?

· In your culture or environment, do you think teenage girls need more protection or more freedom in order to become the best people they can be?

…or any other rumblings going on in those fascinating brains of yours! Rant! Rave! Ponder the meaning of it all! But keep it clean ladies. 🙂

Excerpt from the article:

So [Robert and Lisa Wilson] came up with a ceremony; they wrote a vow for fathers to recite, a promise “before God to cover my daughter as her authority and protection in the areas of purity,” to practice fidelity, shun pornography and walk with honor through a “culture of chaos” and by so doing guide their daughters as well. That was in 1998, the year the President was charged with lying about his sex life, Viagra became the fastest-selling new drug in history, and movies, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, reflected “a surge in the worldwide relaxation of sexual taboos.”

Link to the article:,9171,1823930,00.html?xid=newsletter-weekly

Link to some photos of the ball:,29307,1822906,00.html?iid=redirect-purity