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Newsdays Tuesdays: Television Starts to Court the Young Voter

August 19, 2008

Difficult to pick a news piece this week with the Olympics, the situation in Georgia, and with Pervez Musharraf stepping down in Pakistan… Thought that this article from the New York Times was especially pertinent to young folks like ourselves. Taking into account that we are not all American, what are your thoughts??

“Television networks are assigning reporters to a new beat this election year: people who don’t watch the evening news.

With polls showing a surge in primary-season ballots cast by voters under 30, media outlets are out to convert the newly energized voters into viewers. On cable news, CNN promotes a “League of First Time Voters” and the Fox News Channel is covering what it calls the Y Factor with a full-time correspondent. On broadcast, NBC has assigned Luke Russert, the son of the late anchor Tim Russert, to the youth vote beat and ABC, CBS and PBS are all running stories by student journalists.”

The link darlings…

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News Day Tuesdays Once Banned, Women Now Center Stage at Games

August 12, 2008

In the spirit of the Beijing Olympics check out this amazing article from The New York Times, written by JERÉ LONGMAN, and suggested to GBD by Kathy Chang. THANKS KATHY!

“Not until 1984 were women permitted to run the Olympic marathon, in reefer-madness fear that they might grow old too soon with such exertion; or worse, they might grow a mustache. Or their uterus would fall out, as if it were a transmission.”

Follow the link to check out the article and let us know you thoughts. ☺