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August 24, 2008

So I didn’t weight myself today, I’ve been busy and was happier doing what I’m doing right now than to stop and weigh in. But I learned something interesting about myself. I was talking with a friend and mentor the other day about a totally unrelated concept. When I was little my mom used to tell me that I was book smart, but would never be street smart. This really effected the way I choose to live my life from then on out. One of the effects of that was that I decided that I had to then trade off any sort of activity that I deemed as “street smart” in order to protect my “book smart” trait, because its all that I had anyway. The result of this was that I became studious, learned, and knowledge-laden but refrained from doing any sort of physical activity or “doing” activity. The result of not doing any “doing” activity was not really getting any sort of knowledge or skill within those activities. So, when I am going to start doing those types activities, I feel a lot of fear because I’ve either never done them before or don’t believe that I SHOULD be doing them, because I’m “book smart.”

How does that relate to my weight? Well… you decide!


Health Journey: Pants!

August 15, 2008

Wow, my results this week were far greater than I even thought they were going to be! I set my goal small on purpose because I wasn’t sure what my days would look like this week and if I’d be able make healthy choices with food. I was able to, however, and have done really well with my weight loss!

This is getting so exciting! I just bought a pair of pants (and yes, we’re forgoing having Kristin measure them because we were never intending to send a message about her weight being superior…. we just thought it was a funny picture) and the pants are already too loose on me! My belt, which I bought about two months ago, is suddenly at the 4th belt hole thingy! It’s really a great feeling for me to see all of these amazing results. I feel much more comfortable in my body and I’m feeling really proud of myself for making the food related decisions that I do.

Now, if I could JUST start exercising more regularly without any additional incentive… how do I go about making that a high priority for myself?

Anyway! Here’s my Journal Log of Weight Loss now that I’m at 215 pounds.

Health Journey: Acupuncture

August 12, 2008

Hello Ladies!!! I’m excited to be able to do my check-in with you guys because I was finally able to measure myself and am SO happy to report that I’m STILL on track! Despite my diet “adjustments” when I was in California! I’m checking in today at 220 lbs, and am going for 218 by Thursday. W00t!

This week I’m going to chat a bit about one of the methods that I’ve been using to become healthier. That method is Acupuncture. I’ve got a great friend here in Vancouver who is a registered Acupuncturist and she’s been taking amazing care of me for the last couple of months. She’s always sure to see me before I go on long trips and treat me specifically for the things she sees to be the most important.

Acupuncture is a form of eastern medicine that (thought to specifically derive from China but has various forms in Asia) deals primarily with a person’s “energy” field and the “yin” and “yang” and stuff. I think yin and yang are commonly heard terms but within the body, they are about the physical structure of one’s body vs the energy flow of one’s body.

I have to admit, I have always been a skeptic. Sometimes I still am. But the other day I had an interesting experience that is having me re-evaluate my thoughts on acupuncture given my new experiences in it. So I was laying on the table. My friend/acupunturist had some heated instrument that she was putting over my body as she was treating me for a “yang” deficiency (which was apparently causing some digestive issues for me). All of a sudden, while she was putting the heated instrument over my right leg, a weird sensation or build-up went into one spot on the side of my leg. I thought she was playing with a needle or something and kept thinking “Oh my gosh is that necessary?” because, while the sensation wasn’t painful, I was associating with pain since the instrument I believed was being used was a needle. Weird huh!? So I mentioned the sensation to her and she investigated. There wasn’t even a needle site where it was “hurting”. Her explanation is that sometimes the Qi (energy, pronounced “ki”) gets built up in certain areas of our body and causes an energy stoppage, which will create a sensational pressure. Her explanation made a lot of sense, because otherwise there would be no reason to have this strange pressure! So that experience really has me wondering more and more about this world of Qi. I’ll discover more as I go, I suppose! During every treatment, my practitioner leaves little seeds in my ears as take home treatments. Basically there’s a point in one’s ear that represents the entire body so she leaves 4 to 6 seeds which are applied with a clear/tan bandaid type applicator and maintains a light pressure on the points. Each point represents something she’s treating me for. This week I have five points. Two to treat a foot injury I have (and the injury is by far less painful since she inserted the seeds…. although admittedly its been four days so it could just be naturally healing), one to treat my yang deficiency one for the spleen and one for weight loss (an appetite suppressant point).

So, over time we’ll see how effective this all is if even at all. I think its kind of neat to be able to try out these things and have new experiences just to see how they’ll work with my own body. If any of you has ever tried it, do share your experiences and thoughts!

For now, I’m going to go ahead and close with a new photo to add to my weight-loss photo journal. Enjoy!!

Health Journey Check-in

August 3, 2008

Hi Everyone! Long time no chat! I think it’s been over two weeks since I last reported in. I have no real news about my measured weight loss because I haven’t measured myself since before I left for comic con, but I did have a recent experience that I wanted to share with you all! “What is that, my dear Tabby?” I hear some of you asking.



Okay so, when trying to uphold the value of maintaining a healthy body (i.e. what some might call “diet and exercise”) sometimes there’s those days when nothing seems to penetrate the constant thought-bubble popping up over your head with the cute little chocolate bar and whole-milk latte and gelato and … whatever else you might want to fit in it. Thankfully, for myself, I’ve never really been the kind of person who craves sweet things. Although when I do, LOOK OUT!! That was the old Tabby, at least.

Most of my friends crave chocolate. The other day I was not feeling up to par and a friend of mine said, “*I* know what will make you feel better! I JUST made some delicious raw chocolates. Here… try one.” I kinda laughed inside because chocolate isn’t my button, but it DID happen to be heavenly delicious and incredibly healthy made with nuts and raw cacao and raw coconut shavings. MMMMmmm!

No, I don’t crave chocolates. I crave salty things or crunchy things. Pre-Healthy Tabby would go and buy a bag of doritos in order to fulfill those cravings. Post-Healthy Tabby would ordinarily ignore those cravings. This weekend, however, I didn’t feel much for ignoring them. I was craving… SALSA. It’s not uncommon for me to crave salsa because of the jalapenos in them (<3) and the bell peppers (<3 <3) but usually I resist and go on my way, ignoring it.

Not this time, baby! I called up my mother. This is how our conversation went:

Me: Mom? Can you find that salsa recipe you used to make for us when we were little?
Mom: Sure, here it is…
Me: Whoa! How’d you find it so fast!?
Mom: Well, when my daughter was very little she used to be really organized. And she wrote this recipe down in this neat little book as soon as we got the recipe from her grandmother!
Me: I used to be organized? Cool!
Mom: (after she reads the recipe to me): And do you want to know what the very last line says?
Me: Sure!
Mom: "This recipe is best with Chips. Enjoy!!" My daughter sure was a cute one!
Me: HAHA, yeah she was! Although I’m not sure why you’re referring to me in the third person?!
Mom: Because it’s making you laugh!

So true! I was laughing! Anyway, there really was no point in sharing the conversation with you except to show that the recipe that I am about to share with you all is a family recipe straight from Texas and is VERY DELICIOUS!!!! Please make it and let me know how you like it! I made some last night and enjoyed it to BITS! Also if you want to make adjustments share them with us and I’ll try it out as well!

Tabby’s Family Salsa Recipe
1 15oz can of tomato sauce
1 28 oz can of whole tomatoes
2 medium bell peppers chopped
1 large onion, chopped
2 large fresh tomatos, chopped
2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
1 tablespoon of fresh cilantro
1 teaspoon of chili powder
8 fresh jalapenos (use more for spicy salsa!)
1 tablespoon of cayenne
1 tablespoon of seasoning salt
1/2 cup of water
3 tablespoons of white vinegar

1) Chop all of the veggies if they are not chopped. Chop the fresh tomatos into desired bite-sizes for the final salsa.
2) Cut the jalapenos into halves and place in small sauce pan or frying pan with water, garlic, and vinegar. Simmer until the peppers lose their shine (approximately 5 minutes)
3) Strain the water and vinegar from the peppers and garlic
4) Combine all ingredients except for half of the onion and the fresh tomatoes into a large blender and blend until it is saucy (but still kinda chunky – this should only be for a few seconds).
5) Combine blended sauce, tomatoes and the rest of the chopped onion into a large sauce pan and simmer for 45 minutes to lock in flavor.

This recipe will make 2 large mason jars or 4 to 6 smaller jars.

This recipe is best with Chips. Enjoy!!

Tabby (and my mom, and my dearly departed grandmother)

Defy Defy Defy

July 11, 2008

Over the last few months during my weight loss journey, one of the most important discoveries that I have made is that I… am defiant. See, two months ago if someone said that, I’d probably have responded with, ‘Dude, I am SO NOT defiant. I’m so compliant! I do whatever you want! I’m NOT defiant.’ But alas, I am. Let me tell you what, after realizing that about myself, I feel I have a responsibility to learn to live my life in a non-defiant way and its difficult at times!

Anyway, what does defiance have to do with weight loss? A lot, actually. From the beginning of my childhood and into my teenage years, I’d always admired celebrities and public figures. I’d always acknowledged that there’s a certain “requirement” to what society thinks is beautiful. Hollywood creates this feeling and it really does seem to be an effective way to control the masses and increase sales in diets and health foods and pills and the like. Millions of teenagers are influenced every hour by what the media portrays. Messages come across to them that you must be stick thin in order to be someone. From the outside, celebrities seem to be in a perpetual competition about who can be the skinniest; this sets the tone for the ‘normal’ people who would like to have the luxury of occasionally indulging in a Big Mac and Coke.

It seems like one of the most common things I’ve heard from teens about weight loss is that they want to look like [insert celebrity here]. And this is where my defiance sets in.

I don’t want to be “controlled” by an outside force. I don’t want to be told to have another person as my standard as to what I should look like. I want to be loved for who I am. I want to be accepted no matter what size I am. I want all of these general good feelings from everyone else and in fact, I’m willing to be pretty harmful to my body by the food I choose to eat or the lack of exercising I choose to maintain. I’ll show them!

This was a typical conversation that went through my head for years and years. This kind of self-promotion talk felt good in the moment. It felt like I really knew who I was and what I wanted, and gosh darnit everyone else should just know as well and love me just the same! And if they don’t love me, they should! Everyone! It turns out that it was a pretty dishonest way for me to be going about my life.

So what happened? Why did I suddenly realize the value of eating and exercising? I’m glad you asked!

One day about 3 months ago, I was walking down a hill on a brisk morning. Strike that, I was running down the hill. I felt amazing. There was a split moment where I realized that I had been out of pop for a few days and considered re-routing myself to grab a 12-case of Diet Dr. Pepper. At that moment, I had a realization. It was the single most life-changing realization I’ve ever had. As I continued walking down the hill I said out loud, “I don’t need pop.” My world changed. I can’t even describe it to you except that I saw everything a little bit crisper, brisker, and fully at that moment than I ever had before. I kept walking and said, “I don’t need to eat unhealthy stuff,” and there was another shift for me. This life-changing moment was so tiny, nearly unnoticeable, but it happened. From that point forward I have given up pop and started my healthy lifestyle.

The most amazing thing about this realization was that my decision had nothing to do with how over weight I was. It had nothing to do with defiance. It had nothing to do with celebrities. It had nothing to do with this idea of who I thought I should be. The realization pointed me towards an amazing concept. The concept of releasing something that I thought I had previously needed in order to define myself. I literally was known as the Diet Dr. Pepper girl in some of my friend-circles. The amazing part is that by having this realization I suddenly gave myself a type of forward momentum that I’ve never felt before. There was no negative feelings of “I must shed pounds now!” or “I’m not as tiny as [insert celebrity name here],” just a beautiful understanding of my needs at that moment.

I think that it’s important to really understand your struggle with weight, if you do struggle. Why are you struggling? Is it because “everyone” looks like that? Is it because everyone has an expectation of you that you don’t want to meet? Is it because you lack the ability to say no to yummy foods? Is it because you sit and chat on your computer during all of your spare time and never get out to get some real exercise? Why is it a struggle? Is it possible for it to be a goal for you but to not struggle through it?

That’s where I am at now, to be honest. I have a goal. I want to weigh 140 pounds in 13 months from now. I think I can do it in 10 months. Currently, I weigh 228 pounds with a BMI (Body Mass Index) rate of 40.1. According to the information that I read at, a healthy BMI rate is anything in the range of 18.5 to 24.9. So… not too far to go, eh? Speaking of BMI, I thought it was cool to find out that Kristin’s BMI is 19.7 and Kendra’s BMI is 19.2.

My goal is to continue my newfound lifestyle and make every decision carefully and consciously, forever. My decision and choices aren’t a struggle to me. There’s no downside if it doesn’t happen the way I plan it. There’s no punishments if I don’t make my weekly goal weight. There’s only an understanding that I care about my body and what I’m doing with it. I don’t compare myself to anyone else. I only compare my results this week with my results last week and try to analyze why the results were the way the were.

One of the things that’s helped for me is to keep a food log. I am doing this every day and sending it in to a friend of mine to reveal what I eat to another person. This helps me to stay honest with myself when I’m choosing the foods I do choose. It gives me a great system of growth and achievement. YAY SELF-ESTEEM!

One of the most important things, at least in my experience, is to fully know the reasons why I am doing what I do and if those reasons will ultimately be good for me, my world and the world around me. By concerning myself with others (i.e. comparing myself to celebrities rather than against my own results) it is only helping to set those “standards” that Hollywood wants to keep around. Here’s a secret… the standards aren’t actually set by Hollywood. They’re set by you all. In my experience (limited though it may be), teens and adults alike make judgements about themselves compared to others and that allows for a direct way for Hollywood to influence the world. So knowing that, I choose to ask myself, “Self? Is that something you really want to be apart of?” I’d rather influence my own world with the encouragement of others.

Having said that, I wanted to post a little ‘thank you’ to those who have helped me in the last few months. I’ve had amazing food training with a couple of my food guru friends. I’ve got one of the most pleasant and encouraging personal trainers I’ve ever had, and once-a-month check-ins of physical training measurement with someone whom I value greatly when it comes to exercise. All of my friends are generally very supportive and conscious of my choices, even if they are making other choices. I truly appreciate everyone’s participation with my journey and can’t wait to see the end-goal come to fruition. I have 83 more pounds to loose in about 10 months. Let’s experience it together here in this blog!

Next week’s goals for me are to loose 2 pounds and to get my measurements done. I’ll check in on Friday to update you all if not before then. Keep commenting! It’s so encouraging and wonderful to put out there the struggles you’re going through. If you want to do a diet but aren’t sure, you’re welcomed to post here and ask questions. I can only share with you my personal (uncertified) experience and give you resources to find information out for yourself. We’re all different, after all. Just… please… keep in mind that I’m not in any way qualified to give actual fitness or nutrition advice. But I do care about you all and the choices you make and don’t mind offering my own opinion to help you research your questions or point you in some helpful direction.

Until next time!

So, I have a journey…

July 10, 2008

When I was younger, I was always “big boned.” I’d hear people make that comment about me and I remember feeling so fat. It was a dreadful feeling. Of course now, when I look back at the photos I took when I was 14 and 15, I was very skinny and have no idea where anyone got the term “big boned” from in relation to me.

At any rate, over the course of time, I think I somehow convinced myself that I was, indeed, fat… and as a result began to gain a lot of weight. I only weighed 135 pounds in 10th grade (Grade 10 for the Canadians out there). That was a great weight for me. Soon after that, I started slowly and steadily gaining weight. By the time I graduated high school, I think I was close to 200 pounds.

I entered college, hopeful that I would lose the freshman-fifteen, but alas… I continued to gain weight. Of course, I was seemingly oblivious to the choices I made to contribute to the weight gain. It was a total mystery to me. I had NO idea why I was so large… it’s not like I ate a lot!

The truth is, I didn’t eat very much at all. I probably got about 800 calories a day, but usually all at once. My college diet consisted of a box of macaroni and cheese. The times I got more calories than I wanted was while I sat and splurged on doritos and taco bell taco sauce (heaven). Then there was the occasional large bulk bag of beef jerky I would order and eat within two weeks. But of course, these kinds of foods COULDN’T have lead to my weight gain. I barely ate anything afterall!

Oh man if I knew then what I know now….

Truth is I don’t know that I would ever seriously eat another dorito again now. I’ve recently had an experience that completely changed my view on caring for myself and I’d like to share this journey with you all as Girls by Design gets developed. I know its seemingly unrelated, but making careful conscious choices for myself and my body is as important to me as PHP Programming and website development.

I’ve been on my weight loss journey for almost two entire months. Since I started, I’ve lost 21 pounds. I’m not sure how many inches as I haven’t measured myself yet, but the lovely Kristin Kreuk has decided to help me measure things by sizing herself up to my pants. We’ll do this every time I buy a pair of pants, so there’s no real schedule… we just find it humorous that one of my pant legs from the pants I was wearing 21 pounds ago literally could be a skirt for her.

So, we’ll start this journey out with my before photo and the photo I took at 20 pounds. As time goes on I’ll reveal some of the techniques and methods I’ve been using in order to lose weight, ranging from nutrition to exercise to mind-body connections and acupuncture. I think this will be fun and I hope you all enjoy it and can take something from it or even offer me advice or insight on other safe and proven methods.

Here’s my picture trail as of now…

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, suggestions, or any inspiring stories about weight loss. Also, If you are struggling with weight loss, eating, not eating, etc, feel free to comment and we’ll get you some information over time in the blog.

Thanks for reading everyone!